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Between 1950 and 1956, The Hudson Review published a number of works by the modernist poet and critic Ezra Pound (1885-1972): translations of The Analects of Confucius (1950) and Sophocles' Women of Trachis (1954), as well as additions to Pound's long poem The Cantos, Cantos 85 through 89 (1955), and Cantos 96 and 97 (1956). During this period Pound also acted as a kind of unacknowledged advisor to The Hudson Review, often providing editorial advice, suggestions, and recommendations in his correspondence with Frederick Morgan. This series contains extensive correspondence, typescripts of Cantos 85-89 and 96-97 with extensive corrections and notations by Pound, as well as typescripts of Women of Trachis and of an unpublished poem entitled, ""To Sappho: Owed."" Additionally the series includes corrected page proofs of Canto 85, galleys of Cantos 96 and 97 (with notes and corrections from Pound), a group of printing plates for Cantos 86 and 87 (incomplete) and other material related to Ezra Pound, his writings published in The Hudson Review, and his relationship with Frederick Morgan.
Box 230, Folder 1a
Includes Frederick Morgan's letter of 27 May 1946 to Satterlee Warfield, a New York City law firm, seeking incorporation for a " literary magazine being organized by Mr. William Arrowsmith, Mr. Joseph Bennett and me", with accompanying page stating their purposes and aims. Six possible titles are listed in order of preference: "TheNorth American Quarterly" is first, followed by "The Hudson Review."
These files are arranged alphabetically and concern subjects relevant to The Hudson Review, but which do not fit easily into other series. Included are files related to the incorporation of the magazine in 1946, to industry associations and organizations such as the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines and the Association of Literary Magazines of America, and to secondary projects undertaken by The Hudson Review such as The Hudson Review Anthology and The Hudson Review Fellowship. Also included are research files with headings such as "Hannah Arendt" and "Exxon Corporation" that generally contain clippings, notes and other general informational materials; topical files such as "Community Outreach," and "Anniversaries"; files about institution-specific events such as "Choice/ Robert Bly Controversy," and "United States Custom's seizure of Soft Machine"; files covering events in which The Hudson Review participated such as "The West Chester Conference" and "Sewanee Writers Conference"; and files pertaining to works published in The Hudson Review that were subsequently published in different forms or utilized for film or theatrical projects such as "Indians in Overalls," and "Stalingrad Letters." These files contain a variety of material including correspondence, clippings, informational brochures, offprints, photocopies of a range of materials (especially in the files related to the research done on The Hudson Review by Peter Brazeau), inter-office memos, and other documents.
These files cover the administrative, financial, and operational aspects of The Hudson Review, and include materials related to production, advertising, circulation, taxes, accounting, banking, office operations, fund raising, subscriptions, promotion and personnel. Present in these files are Treasurer's Reports covering the years 1947-2001. Arranged only to the box level, this series includes the following subseries: General Business Files, Employees and Interns, Permissions, Financial Statements, Subscription Ledgers, Circulation, Advertising, Printers (made up mostly of files related to William Byrd Printing), and Bills and Banking which includes bank statements, checkbook stubs, and petty cash receipts all dating from before 1980.