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The Biographical and Personal series consists of approximately 0.5 linear feet of material and includes biographical information, as well as material related to Kirkpatrick's time at Princeton University and other non-professional activities. Of special note is a 185-page biography compiled by Kirkpatrick's wife Rita, which makes use of documents found elsewhere in the collection. The majority of correspondence found in the series is a group of photocopies of letters compiled by Kirkpatrick's wife Rita into a "significant signatures file." The file includes correspondence from U.S. presidents and vice presidents, senators and representatives, and military officers including Omar Bradley. The vast majority of the correspondence in the Significant Signatures File is brief and insubstantial; many of the letters are holiday greetings, invitations, or congratulations on Kirkpatrick's retirement from the CIA or Brown University. There is some correspondence related to Kirkpatrick's intelligence career, including a brief letter in which newly appointed Director of Central Intelligence George H.W. Bush comments on the struggles ahead of him. The series also includes a small folder of photographs, primarily of Kirkpatrick during his military service and years with the CIA.

Series 2, World War II, 1941-2000

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The World War II series documents Kirkpatrick's service in the Office of Strategic Services and U.S. Army during World War II. Approximately half of the series consists of reports and studies on the activities of the German army and General Omar Bradley's 12th Army Group. Kirkpatrick wrote at least one of the studies ("Destruction of the German Armies in Western Europe, June 6, 1944 - May 9, 1945"). Other highlights in the series include a group of progress reports and daily summaries which appear to have been written by Kirkpatrick during his time in the OSS, the text of a Kirkpatrick speech which appears to have been broadcast to the United States on V-E Day, and photocopies of Kirkpatrick's personnel records.