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Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series
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The Campus Life series contains photographs documenting aspects of life as experienced by students, faculty, and staff at Princeton University.

Collection Description & Creator Information


The Campus Life series contains photographs documenting aspects of life as experienced by students, faculty, and staff at Princeton University. The photographs date from the late 1850s to the present, with the bulk dating from the 1870s to the 1960s. The series is divided into four major sections: Academic, Administrative; Social and Residential Life; and General. This organization is repeated in the fifth section, Campus Life Additions. Any photograph added to the collection later then the 1990s may appear in Additions.


This is an unprocessed collection and remains in its original arrangement.

Collection History

Processing Information:

This is an unprocessed collection. The contents list provided is a preliminary inventory.

This collection was originally described in three separate finding aids including AC112: Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series, AC112.01: Historical Photograph Collection: Campus Life, Academics Series, and AC112.02: Historical Photograph Collection: Campus Life, Administrative Series. Finding aids AC112.01 and AC112.02 were integrated into AC112 by Kimberly McCauley in September, 2019.

Material in oversize folders added by Phoebe Nobles in October, 2019.

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Collection is open for research use.

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Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. For quotations that are fair use as defined under U. S. Copyright Law, no permission to cite or publish is required. The Trustees of Princeton University hold copyright to all materials generated by Princeton University employees in the course of their work. If copyright is held by Princeton University, researchers will not need to obtain permission, complete any forms, or receive a letter to move forward with non-commercial use of materials from the Mudd Library. For materials where the copyright is not held by the University, researchers are responsible for determining who may hold the copyright and obtaining approval from them. If you have a question about who owns the copyright for an item, you may request clarification by contacting us through the Ask Us! form.

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This collection contains one TIFF image in Series 5. Researchers are responsible for meeting the technical requirements needed to access these materials, including any and all hardware and software.

Other Finding Aids:

The contents of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library's Historical Photograph collections can be searched in the Historical Photograph Collection database.

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Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series; Princeton University Archives, Department of Special Collections, Princeton University Library

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