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Consists of the records of the Council on Books in Wartime. Included are records from the preliminary foundation meetings at Times Hall, New York City, through the cessation of formal operations in 1946. There are administrative files containing minutes of the Board of Directors, headed by Archibald Ogden, the Executive Committee, chaired by W. W. Norton, and annual meeting proceeedings; subject files of correspondence on various other committees, book publishing projects with the Army, Navy, and Office of War Information, and book list plans (Imperatives and Recommended Books); radio program scripts for book dramatizations on "Words at War" and author interviews on "Fighting Words" and "Books are Bullets"; and financial statements.

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OVERSEAS EDITIONS, INC. (complete set of books from the collection transferred to Firestone Library, Jan. 1992)

Basso, Hamilton, Mainstream, 2 Engl

Becker, Carl, How New Will the Better World Be?, 2 Engl, 2 Fren, 2 Germ

Benet, Stephen V., America, 2 Engl, 2 Germ, 2 Ital

Bowen, Catherine, Yankee from Olympus, Engl 1, Fren 2, Germ 2

Brogan, Denis W., A Free State, Germ 1

Brown, Harry, A Walk in the Sun, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Burns, Eugene, Then There Was One, Fren 2

Chinard, Gilbert, Thomas Jefferson, Fren 2

Commager & Nevins, Pocket History of the United States, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Dulles, F. R., The Road to Tehran, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Fast, Howard, Citizen Tom Paine, Engl 2, Fren 3, Ital 2

Fortune Editors, Japan, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Furnas, J. C., How America Lives, Engl 2, Fren 2

Grew, Joseph, Report From Tokyo, Fren 2, Germ 2

Hemingway, Ernest, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Engl 1

Hersey, John, Into the Valley, Ital 2

Holt, Rackham, George Washington Carver, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Hough, Donald, Captain Retread, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Jaffe, Bernard, Men of Science in America, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Kazin, Alfred, On Native Grounds, Engl 2, Germ 1

Lilienthal, David, TVA, Democracy on the March, Engl 2, Germ 2

Lippmann, Walter, U.S. Foreign Policy & U.S. War Aims, Engl 2, Fren 2

Marshall, George C., American High Command Report, Fren 2, Germ 2, Ital 2

Miller, Max, Daybreak for Our Carrier, Engl 2

Pratt, Fletcher, The Navy's War, Germ 2

Pyle, Ernest, G. I. Joe, Engl 2, Fren 2

Ratcliff, John, Science Yearbook of 1944, Germ 2

Rourke, Constance, Audubon, Fren 2

Saroyan, William, The Human Comedy, Engl 2, Ital 2

Sherrod, Robert, Tarawa, Fren 2, Germ 2

Steffens, Lincoln, Boy on Horseback, Fren 2, Germ 3

Steinbeck, John, Bombs Away, Fren 2

Stimson, Henry, Prelude to Invasion, Germ 2

Trumbull, Robert, The Raft, Engl 2, Fren 2, Germ 2

Van Doren, Carl, Benjamin Franklin, Engl 2, Germ 2

White, E. B., One Man's Meat, Germ 2

Books published in conjunction with the Office of War Information, the Navy Department or the War Department (transferred to Firestone Library, Jan. 1992).

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