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Housed in Firestone Library, the Manuscripts Division of the Department of Special Collections includes material documenting 5000 years of recorded history and all parts of the world, with strengths in Western Europe, the Near East, the United States, and Latin America.

Our Collections

Thomas McCarthy Papers, 1899-2019, bulk 1968/2019

Consists of writings, diaries, correspondence, organizational records, clippings, and other personal papers of Irish poet Thomas McCarthy, including drafts of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction works from the 1970s through the 2010s; extensive diaries and notebooks on personal and literary topics; files related to his work with Cork 2005, the Triskel Arts Centre, and other cultural and arts organizations in Ireland; transcriptions and recordings of interviews and events; and teaching materials.
Collection ID: C1641

John Whelan Luke Papers, 1838-1853

Consists of a group of documents and correspondence recording the activities of John Whelan Luke (1815-1896) as a store owner, postmaster, and county treasurer in Waterloo, Missouri, from 1838 to 1841, and as a farmer and trader of enslaved persons in Berryville, Virginia, in the 1840s and 1850s.
Collection ID: C1661

United Spanish War Veterans Mrs. Edmund Rice Auxiliary Meeting Records, 1906-1922

Consists of three meeting ledgers documenting the activities of the Mrs. Edmund Rice Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, an American women's organization run by suffragists and philanthropists that advocated for veterans and their families during the first two decades of the 20th century, including during World War I.
Collection ID: C1673

William Courtenay Papers, 1850-1965, bulk 1870/1897

The collection consists of documents, correspondence, photographs, and other papers of William Courtenay (1832-1901), an English settler, veteran of the American Civil War, and frontier businessman who held positions in the United States Department of the Interior as postmaster, clerk, and Indian Agent at Fort Berthold, Dakota Territory, from 1874 to 1882. These materials document conditions at the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and are of particular interest for their documentation of frontier transactions, corruption and mismanagement within the reservation system, and the relationships between the people of the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara), the Sioux people, and white settlers.
Collection ID: C1645

Groff Conklin Files for The Smart Set Anthology, 1929-1934

Consists of correspondence and documents American science fiction anthologist and author Groff Conklin compiled during the creation of The Smart Set Anthology (1934).
Collection ID: C1656

Gabriel García Márquez Correspondence with Rogelio García Lupo, 1965-1970

Consists of seven typed letters by Gabriel García Marquez and five typed letters by Rogelio García Lupo.
Collection ID: C1650

Victor Gollancz Publishing Files, 1930-2018

Consists of author files and adminstrative files of Victor Gollancz Publishing company, including correspondence , publication agreements, and ephemera. A number of the files are associated with the Left Book Club's operations, along with subject files on Irish authors and titles related to topics on Africa.
Collection ID: C1617

Reynaldo Hahn Letters and Manuscripts, 1898-1945

Consists of letters and other materials of the Venezuelan-born French composer Reynaldo Hahn.
Collection ID: C1386

Jason Chamberlain Ledger on Hemp Production and Farming, 1846-1880

Consists of a ledger, along with some receipts, advertisements, and correspondence, of Missouri farmer and hemp producer Jason Chamberlain (1804-1901), documenting Chamberlain's business accounts from 1853 to 1880, as well as the accounts of an anonymous Kentucky hemp producer and merchant from 1846 to 1851. These materials provide insight into hemp and other agricultural production in Missouri and Kentucky before, during, and after the American Civil War and document the employment of African American and immigrant laborers during the early Reconstruction era.
Collection ID: C1644

Martha Bradstreet Family Papers, 1780-1880

Consists of a collection of correspondence, writings, legal documents, and genealogical papers belonging to Martha Bradstreet (1780-1871) of Bennettsville, New York. Bradstreet inherited land in Oneida, Herkimer, and Delaware Counties, New York, through her step-grandfather, Major General John Bradstreet (1711-1774), and fought legal battles surrounding her land claims for much of the 19th century.
Collection ID: C1646

William Taggart Meloy Yellowstone Scrapbooks, 1900-1901

Consists of ten scrapbooks containing photographs and clippings from newspapers, magazines, and travel guides documenting a 1900 trip to Yellowstone National Park taken by Reverend William Taggart Meloy, John T. Meloy, Emma Meloy, Daisy Meloy Rankin, and Dr. James D. Rankin.
Collection ID: C1648

William A. Prickitt Papers Related to Company G of the 25th United States Colored Infantry Regiment, 1864-1869

Consists of a group of military records collected by Captain William A. Prickitt (1839-1929) documenting the daily operations of African American soldiers in Company G of the United States Colored Infantry's 25th Regiment during the final year of the American Civil War.
Collection ID: C1657

Kostas and Linda S. Myrsiadēs Papers, 1942-2017

This collection consists of personal papers of Kostas and Linda S. Myrsiades, including correspondence, autograph manuscripts and typescripts, photographs and printed materials.
Collection ID: C1623

Caroline Newton Papers, 1868-1980, bulk 1922/1971

Consists of writings, correspondence, and other personal papers of Caroline Newton (1893-1975), an American translator, writer, psychoanalyst, and collector, including a group of family papers related to the Churchill and Jerome families. The majority of the materials relate to Thomas Mann, of whom Newton was a close friend and supporter, though some others pertain to her activities related to psychoanalysis as well as book and manuscript collecting.
Collection ID: C0517

John Frippo Brown Papers, 1873-1875

Consists of a small collection of materials relating to Seminole chief John Frippo Brown (1842-1919) and his family, including a manuscript notebook, calling card, and five tintype photographs.
Collection ID: C1662

Arthur Cort Holden Papers, 1845-1993, bulk 1890/1993

The Arthur Cort Holden Papers consists chiefly Holden's personal and professional papers, accumulated during his life (1890-1993) as an architect and active Princeton University alumnus. Also included are photographs, the papers of friends and family members, and miscellaneous printed matter dating from the 1840s to the 1990s.
Collection ID: C0767

Emily Hale Letters from T.S. Eliot, 1895-1965, bulk 1931/1940

Consists mostly of letters from British-American poet T.S. Eliot to Emily Hale (1891-1969), a teacher, actress, and close friend of Eliot's. Also included are copies of typescripts by photographs and ephemera, and a brief narrative of the relationship between the two penned by Hale.
Collection ID: C0686

Flores and Viramontes Families Papers, 1880-1989, bulk 1900/1954

Consists of a group of family photographs, ephemera, and other papers belonging to the Flores and Viramontes families, two interconnected Mexican American families living in southwest Texas and New Mexico in the 20th century.
Collection ID: C1670

Maria Edgeworth Papers, 1799-1852

Consists primarily of Maria Edgeworth's notebooks and sketchbooks for various literary projects. There is also correspondence between Edgeworth and others, including letters to various publishers concerning the printing of her work, as well as a small amount of miscellaneous material including rent slips, a copy of her poem "Jacob," a copy of a will of a publisher at Baldwin Craddock, an advertisement for an octavo edition of her work, and a leather carrying case.
Collection ID: C1664

Peter C. Bunnell Papers, 1857-2018, bulk 1960/2018

This collection consists of the papers of photography historian, professor, author, and curator Peter C. Bunnell, spanning his student and professional career from the 1950s to 2018. Materials include subject files, correspondence, photographs, publications and drafts of publications, among other items.
Collection ID: C1629

Carlos Fuentes Papers, 1830-2012, bulk 1950/2012

The Carlos Fuentes Papers consists of personal and working papers of Fuentes (1928-2012), Mexican author, editor, and diplomat, including notebooks, manuscripts of novels and novellas, short stories, plays, screenplays, nonfiction writings, speeches and interviews, translations of fiction and nonfiction, correspondence, juvenilia, drawings, documents, photographs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, papers of others, scrapbooks, clippings, and printed material.
Collection ID: C0790

John Sanderson, T. E. Pritt, and Henry Wade Trout Flies and Manuals, 1860-1872

Consists of a small collection of 19th century trout flies and related manuals by John Sanderson, T. E. (Thomas Evan) Pritt, and Henry Wade.
Collection ID: C1672

Princeton University Art Museum Teaching Materials, Spring 2021, February 2021

Consists of approximately 543 flat works from the collections of the Princeton University Art Museum, temporarily transferred to the Princeton University Library for use in Princeton University courses during the Spring 2021 semester.
Collection ID: PUAM001

Violette Leduc Manuscripts and Correspondence with Simone de Beauvoir, 1945-1972

Consists of nearly 300 letters from Simone de Beauvoir to Violette Leduc documenting their literary friendship spanning four decades, along with 23 notebooks containing manuscript drafts of Leduc's autobiography, La Bâtarde (1964).
Collection ID: C1676

Simone de Beauvoir Letters to Françoise and Hélène de Beauvoir, 1914-1968, bulk 1918/1968

This collection consists of over 400 letters from French writer, philosopher, and feminist theorist Simone de Beauvoir to her mother, Françoise de Beauvoir, and sister, Hélène de Beauvoir (also referred to as Henriette), dating from October 1918 to December 1968.
Collection ID: C1667

Charles Ruas Papers, 1890-2020, bulk 1974/1990

Charles Ruas is an American author, interviewer, editor, literary and art critic, and French translator, who served as the Director of the Drama and Literature Department for New York's Pacifica radio station WBAI-FM in the late 1970s and interviewed writers for radio broadcast and print, including Toni Morrison, Michel Foucault, Carlos Fuentes, Eudora Welty, Susan Sontag, Truman Capote, Buckminster Fuller, Andy Warhol, Mario Vargas Llosa, and others. Included are photographs and documents on Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, the St. Marks poetry project, and avant-garde artists and performers. The papers include transcripts and audiocassette tapes of Ruas's interviews with authors and artists, as well as typescripts and galleys of work by writers Ruas edited, including Marguerite Young, and some related photographs, notes, recordings, and correspondence. There are also some translations and other writings by Charles Ruas, as well as a collection of family photographs and papers documenting the history of his family in Tianjin, China, from the 1890s through the mid-20th century.
Collection ID: C1372

Photographs of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Aftermath, 1906

Consists of a collection of photographs documenting the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, California, taken by various photographers including Willard Elmer Worden, Charles C. Pierce, Frederick Arthur Webster, A. Blumberg, Shaw and Shaw, and others.
Collection ID: C1678

Roberts Lumber Company Photographs, circa 1900

Consists of a group of 36 photographs documenting the Roberts Lumber Company, which was founded around 1900 outside the Sierra County town of Loyalton, California.
Collection ID: C1677

Ricardo Piglia Papers, 1954-2016

Ricardo Piglia was an Argentine author and professor emeritus of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton University. His papers contain handwritten and typewritten drafts of his writings, diaries and journals, notebooks, loose handwritten research notes, teaching files, correspondence, personal photographs, and born-digital materials.
Collection ID: C1513

George H. Hoyt Papers on John Brown, 1859-1893

Consists of affidavits, clippings, correspondence, and photographs, mostly related to abolitionist lawyer George H. Hoyt's work as an attorney for John Brown (1800-1859). Materials shed light on the Virginia v. John Brown trial that followed Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, as well as Hoyt's participation in the American Civil War and abolitionist movements.
Collection ID: C1675

William Morris Davis and Elizabeth M. Jacobs Davis Correspondence, 1829-1863

Consists primarily of correspondence of Quaker abolitionists and husband and wife, William Morris Davis (1815-1891), member of the 37th U.S. Congress, and Elizabeth M. Jacobs Davis (1817-1904) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, primarily documenting their activities during the antebellum and Civil War periods.
Collection ID: C1660

Walter Dundas Bathurst Papers, 1883-1923

Consists primarily of three diaries that William Dundas Bathurst (1859-1940) kept while serving as an officer of the Association Internationale du Congo (AIC) from December 1883 to September 1886.
Collection ID: C1588

Alicia Ostriker Papers, 1956-2020

Alicia Ostriker (1937- ) is a Jewish-American feminist literary critic and poet whose work explores themes of family, social justice, Jewish identity, Biblical stories and characters, and the relationship between gender and literature. The collection consists of drafts of her poems, articles, nonfiction books, essays, reviews, and student writings, personal and professional correspondence with fellow poets, family, and friends, teaching and research files, drafts and recordings of lectures and readings, and subject files.
Collection ID: C0910

Selected Papers of Elizabeth Madox Roberts, 1919-1960, bulk 1920/1939

Consists of selected letters and poems of American poet/novelist Elizabeth Madox Roberts.
Collection ID: C0653

Fevzi Çakmak Diaries, 1911-1950

The Fevzi Çakmak Diaries consists of diaries, a notebook, and a calendar of the Turkish military leader and government official Fevzi Çakmak.
Collection ID: C0928

Robert Rudd Whiting Papers, 1901-1918

Consists of works, correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks of American journalist Robert Rudd Whiting (Princeton Class of 1901).
Collection ID: C0573

Harvey Smith Novels, 1941-1965

Consists of manuscripts and related material for four works of fiction by American novelist Harvey Smith (Princeton Class of 1917).
Collection ID: C0638

William C. Seitz Notebooks, 1949-1950

William Chapin Seitz (1914-1974) was an art historian, painter, and museum curator who received the first PhD in modern art from Princeton University in 1955. The collection consists of ten notebooks Seitz kept for his early courses on ancient art and architecture in Princeton University's Department of Art and Archaeology in 1949 and 1950.
Collection ID: C1514

Albert T. Reyburn Collection of German Legal Documents, 1510-1719

The Albert T. Reyburn Collection of German Legal Documents consists of nine 16th-, 17th-, and 18th-century German legal documents collected by Albert T. Reyburn (Princeton Class of 1931). All the documents are in German, some with wax seals in wood cases attached, and with notes in English made by Reyburn.
Collection ID: C0789

Dutch Treat Club Collection, 1994-1995

Consists of a collection of records and video recordings of the Dutch Treat Club.
Collection ID: C0826

Ernest Cushing Richardson Collection of Papal Seals, 1484-1903

This collection consists of twelve lead papal seals, ranging in dates from the 15th century to the late 19th and early 20th century.
Collection ID: C1516

Petros Mōraitēs Photographs Collection, 1880-1899

Consists of an open collection for photographs of the Greek photographer Petros Mōraitēs.
Collection ID: C0987

Selected Papers of Charles C. Black, 1881-1945

The Selected Papers of Charles C. Black consists of documents (1881-1929) relating to various judicial and other appointments and letters received by Black (Princeton Class of 1878) from Abram H. Wintersteen, Herbert S. S. Smith, James R. Macfarlane, William T. Kruse, and others primarily concerning the activities of the Class of 1878.
Collection ID: C0248

Marianne Moore Collection, 1935-1969

Consists selected correspondence and manuscripts of celebrated American poet Marianne Moore.
Collection ID: C1130

Samuel Finley Collection, 1756-1766

Consists of selected correspondence and documents of Samuel Finley, fifth president of Princeton University.
Collection ID: C1055

Frédéric Gaillardet Manuscripts, 1836-1877

Consists of several manuscripts, some of which are unpublished, by French lawyer, politician, and writer, Frédéric Gaillardet (1808-1882), including a partial manuscript draft of L'Aristocratie en Amérique (Paris, 1883) and several other manuscripts, notes, documents, and clippings, primarily relating to Gaillardet's time and travels in the United States, Canada, and Cuba from 1837 to 1848, particularly his time in Louisiana, Mississippi, and other southern states. Also included are manuscript drafts of unpublished plays and other writings.
Collection ID: C1519

Patrick J. Kelleher Papers, 1939-1981, bulk 1960/1978

Patrick Kelleher was director of the Princeton University Art Museum from 1960 to 1972. His papers consist of articles, notes, photographs, and printed matter from Kelleher about the Holy Crown of Hungary. There is a smaller selection of correspondence with artists and colleagues about the direction of the Art Museum.
Collection ID: C0623

Evelyn Cameron Photographs, 1903-1907

Evelyn Cameron (1868–1928) was a Montana-based amateur photographer. Consists of 15 silver gelatin photographs (most 6.5 x 4 inches, laid on larger boards) of Montana ranching and scenery.
Collection ID: C1404

John Forsyth Collection, 1802-1851

Consists of selected correspondence and documents of John Forsyth, senator from Georgia and secretary of state under Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren.
Collection ID: C1057

Ashley Brown collection of Caroline Gordon, 1956-1980

Consists of selected manuscripts and letters of American novelist and literary critic Caroline Gordon, collected by Ashley Brown, a friend and fellow author.
Collection ID: C0249

Selected Papers of William B. Bamford, 1900-1947

Consists of selected papers of civil engineer William B. Bamford, a member of the Princeton University Class of 1900.
Collection ID: C0597

United States Colored Troops 39th Infantry Regiment Muster Rolls, 1864-08-31/1864-10-31

Consists of a complete set of muster rolls for the 39th Infantry Regiment of United States Colored Troops for the period of August 31st to October 31st, 1864, documenting African American soldiers who fought in the American Civil War in Virginia under the command of Colonel Ozora Pierson Stearns.
Collection ID: C1626

Ezra Pound Collection, 1908-1956

Consists of selected correspondence, manuscripts, and documents of and about Ezra Pound, who was one of the most ambitious, influential, and innovative American poets of the modernist period.
Collection ID: C1173

George F. Shrady Collection, 1885-1951, bulk 1885/1906

Contains papers of George F. Shrady relating primarily to his role as Ulysses S. Grant's physician during Grant's last illness in New York in 1885.
Collection ID: C0499

Harold Ruland Papers on Sebastian Munster, 1934-1961, bulk 1950/1960

Consists of research material of American educator and historian Harold Ruland relating to his study of Sebastian Munster (1489-1552) and the history of cosmography and early cartography.
Collection ID: C0512

Selected Papers of Thomas W. Hotchkiss, 1891-1935

The Selected Papers of Thomas W. Hotchkiss consists of articles, notes, correspondence, and clippings of the American lawyer, editor, magazine writer, professional researcher, and Princeton graduate (Class of 1889) Thomas W. (Thomas Woodward) Hotchkiss (1867-1953).
Collection ID: C0166

Ira Owen Wade Collection, 1914-1969

Ira Owen Wade (Princeton Class of 1924) was a professor of French in Princeton's Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. His collection consists of typescript of his writings on Voltaire, professional correspondence, research notes, and some student work.
Collection ID: C0374

William Oliver Strunk Collection, 1937-1979

Consists of selected papers of W. Oliver Strunk, who was a professor of music at Princeton University (1937-1966).
Collection ID: C1081

Stratton Cripple Creek Mining and Development Company Correspondence, 1907-1940, bulk 1907/1908

Consists of selected correspondence of the Stratton Cripple Creek Mining and Development Company concerning development and production work on specific properties in the Cripple Creek District. (Colo.) covering chiefly during the years 1907 and 1908.
Collection ID: C1362

James L. Stanton Correspondence, 1879-1922, bulk 1883/1886

Consists of correspondence and a few related writings documenting the work of attorney James L. Stanton as Chief Pardon Clerk (1882-1884) and General Agent (1884-1885) under Attorney General Benjamin Harris Brewster in the United States Department of Justice during the administration of President Chester A. Arthur. Among the many cases and events the letters document are those surrounding the Star Routes scandal, which involved fraud by United States postal officials. Frequent correspondents include Benjamin Harris Brewster, Brewster Cameron, and William Haight.
Collection ID: C1528

Reading Family of New Jersey Collection, 1757-1787, bulk 1765/1781

Consists of correspondence and documents of three members of the Reading family of New Jersey: Thomas Reading, his brother George, and their father, Governor John Reading. Most of the material deals with incidences during the time of the American Revolutionary War.
Collection ID: C1253

Henry Robert Taylor Family Papers, 1849-1915

Consists of a group of family papers documenting Henry Robert Taylor's role in a California gold prospecting company called Cunningham Co. from 1849 to 1851, his travels in South America from 1852 to 1857, his survey work in the Nebraska Territory in 1858 and 1859, and his family's efforts to publish his travel journals in the early 20th century.
Collection ID: C1621

Edward Kendall Papers, 1935-1970

Visiting Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Princeton and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Edward Kendall conducted biochemical research and is best known for his work on the hormones of the cortex of the adrenal glands. His collection includes typescripts of scientific articles, laboratory notebooks and notes, correspondence regarding patients, and a great deal of printed material.
Collection ID: C0669

James M. Ludlow Manuscripts, 1886-1931

The James M. Ludlow Manuscripts consist of assorted manuscripts and a small selection of miscellaneous material of the American Presbyterian clergyman, author, and Princeton graduate (Class of 1861), James Meeker Ludlow (1841-1932).
Collection ID: C0347

The French Metrical Versions of Barlaam and Josaphat by E. C. Armstrong, 1899-1922

Consists of notes and the typescript of American philologist E. C. Armstrong's monograph The French Metrical Versions of Barlaam and Josaphat.
Collection ID: C0568

Howard C. Rice Collection on Saint-Mémin, 1951-1970

Consists of research notes, correspondence, photographs, and drafts for three articles by Howard C. Rice (1904-1980), published in the Princeton University Library Chronicle (autumn 1951, summer 1959, spring 1971), concerning the French engraver, Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de Saint-Mémin (1770-1852)
Collection ID: C0752

Herman Melville Collection, 1846-1956

Consists of copies of letters by American author Herman Melville that were used by Willard Thorp in his selection of Melville's writings published as Representative Selections (1938), as well as other material about Melville.
Collection ID: C0321

Samuel J. Wilson Papers, 1856-1926, bulk 1860/1886

Consists of correspondence, diaries, memorabilia, and printed matter of Samuel J. Wilson, a ninteenth-century clergyman and teacher at the Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny, Pa.
Collection ID: C0588

Armstrong and Kaines Autograph Collection, 1803-1923

Consists of letters, mostly autograph, from twenty-one United States Supreme Court justices, collected by Edward Ambler Armstrong and Richard Kaines.
Collection ID: C0098

Allen Family Burma Collection, 1781-1935

The Allen Family Burma Collection documents two generations of British aristocrats in colonial Burma, and consists of two diaries, dating from 1889 to 1890, and two scrapbooks, dating from 1781 to 1935. In total, the collection is extensive; within the scrapbooks are nearly six hundred items, including photographs, newspapers clippings, letters, and ephemera. As a group, this collection gives a great insight into colonial life in Burma immediately following Burma's incorporation into the British Empire.
Collection ID: C1441

Monique Fong Wust Collection of Octavio Paz, 1961-1999

The collection includes correspondence to and from Mexican poet and Nobel Prize Laureate Octavio Paz (1914-1998) and French translator and friend Monique Fong Wust. Other correspondents include Robert Lebel, Marie-Jo Paz, and Juan García de Oteyza. Also included are original English typescripts of Paz's essay, "The Centurions of Santiago" with corrections and additions from Paz and Fong Wust, an annotated and corrected printed copy of Paz's Apariencia desnuda. La obra de Marcel Duchamp for French translation, and various ephemera about related Paz events.
Collection ID: C1529

Daniel Webster Collection, 1824-1852

Consists of selected correspondence and documents of and about Daniel Webster, the nineteenth-century American attorney, congressman, and secretary of state.
Collection ID: C1279

David Laurence Pierson Scrapbooks, 1817-1953, bulk 1927/1937

Consists of twenty scrapbook volumes (1927-1937) of letters, documents, photographs, newspapers clippings, and printed matter concerning the observance of Constitution Day (Sept. 17), compiled by David Laurence Pierson, who was instrumental in getting national recognition for that day.
Collection ID: C0547

Arthur M. Greene Collection, 1902-1953

Consists of works, correspondence, and memorabilia of Princeton School of Engineering dean Arthur M. Greene, as well as papers of others about him.
Collection ID: C0434

George Lynde Catlin Diaries, 1835-1836

Consists primarily of nine travel diaries used by New York attorney George Catlin during his travels through France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Scotland between 1835 and 1836.
Collection ID: C1578

China Papers of Samuel Cochran, 1898-1926

Consists of notes, letters, photographs, memorabilia, and newspaper clippings of Samuel Cochran (Princeton Class of 1893) during the years (1898-1926) he served as a Presbyterian medical missionary in Hwaiyuan, Anhwei Province, China.
Collection ID: C0406

Kees Verheul Letters from Nadezhda Mandelstam, 1968-1972

Consists of 14 handwritten letters from Russian writer Nadezhda Mandelstam (1899-1980) to Dutch author and translator, Kees Verheul.
Collection ID: C1607

George Lianis Papers, 1964-2009

The George Lianis Papers consists of papers by and relating to the Greek academic and politician George Lianis (1926-2008). Included are autograph and typed manuscripts, as well as correspondence (personal and professional), loose photographs, one photograph album, slides, and printed material.
Collection ID: C1415

Arnold Guyot Collection, 1829-1928

Consists of selected correspondence, documents, and related material by and about Arnold Guyot, the Swiss-born American geologist, geographer, and educator whose extensive meteorological observations led to the founding of the U.S. Weather Bureau.
Collection ID: C1095

Collection Anthropologique du Prince Roland Bonaparte: American Indians, 1883

Consists of twenty ethnographic albumen prints of North American Indians, commissioned by Prince Roland Bonaparte and photographed by Alfred Ayotte, plus two additional photographs of Bonaparte.
Collection ID: C1177

Louis O. Coxe Collection, 1941-1977

Louis O. Coxe (Princeton Class of 1940) was a noted twentieth-century poet, playwright, and critic. The collection contains autograph and typescript versions of Coxe's poetry and sixteen of Coxe's notebooks. Also included are materials for the play Billy Budd, such as notes, drafts, worksheets, galley proofs, and production notes.
Collection ID: C0210

James Green Correspondence, 1837-1871

The James Green Correspondence consists of letters received from various correspondents by the 19th-century English poet James Green (of Bath).
Collection ID: C0965

Selected Papers of Smith Thompson, 1823-1949

Consists of documents and correspondence of Smith Thompson (Princeton Class of 1788) covering, for the most part, the years (1823-1843) when he served on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Collection ID: C0354

Ottoman Empire Photographs Collection, 1868-1919

Consists of an open collection of general photographs of Ottoman Empire sites. Currently, there are more than 39 19th-century photographs of Constantinople [Istanbul] and the surrounding area.
Collection ID: C0930

W. M. Spackman Novels, 1950-1980

Consists of various typescript drafts, revisions, and galley proofs for three published novels by American novelist W. M. Spackman.
Collection ID: C0667

James B. Rankin Autograph Collection, 1834-1931

The Autograph Collection includes letters from nineteenth and early twentieth century English, French, and American illustrators. A few manuscripts and illustrations are included as well.
Collection ID: C0120

James Baldwin Playboy Interview, 1967-1968

Consists of sound recordings, a transcription, and editorial notes documenting an interview of American writer James Baldwin conducted by Alex Haley (1921-1992) and Jim Goode (James A. Goode, d. 1992) in late 1967 and early 1968 for Playboy but never published in the magazine. The interview is conversational and wide-ranging, with Baldwin responding to questions about his personal and artistic life, as well as about larger social issues surrounding racism, sexuality, politics, economics, and activism.
Collection ID: C1557

Joline Family Collection, 1814-1950, bulk 1869/1912

Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and documents of members of the Joline family of Princeton, New Jersey.
Collection ID: C1144

Notebooks of Jean-François-Marie-Maurice-Agatha Le Gonidec, 1802-1814

Consists of 11 notebooks (circa 1802-1814) of the Breton grammarian J.-F.-M.-M.-A. Le Gondidec.
Collection ID: C1477

Victor Gollancz Author Files, 1931-1997

Consists of the British publisher Victor Gollancz's author files on Miguel Ángel Asturias, Edith Sitwell, and Richard Wright.
Collection ID: C1467

Princeton University Library Collection of William Henry Jackson Photographs, 1880-1899

This collection consists of five cabinet card Albumen photographs and one photograph album. The cabinet cards depict depict Pikes Peak in Colorado and the surrounding environs. The photograph album consists of 115 images of Colorado primarily, with some images of New Mexico, that depict various scenes of frontier towns, railroads, and natural landscapes. Most, if not all, of the photographs can be attributed to the American photographer William Henry Jackson (1843-1942), known for his iconic Indian portraits and landscape photographs of the American West.
Collection ID: C1488

Aurelio Cortés Collection of Reinaldo Arenas, 1969-1994

The Aurelio Cortés Collection of Reinaldo Arenas contains a small collection of letters and correspondence with Reinaldo Arenas and others, as well as typewritten drafts of Arenas' articles and essays, some of which are dedicated to Cortés, a personal friend. Also present are typewritten drafts of Cortés' own work on his friendship with Arenas.
Collection ID: C1562

William Watson Collection, 1892-1917

Consists chiefly of correspondence of the British poet William Watson with his publisher, Grant Richards.
Collection ID: C1265

Edwin Arlington Robinson Letters, 1899-1968

Consists of original letters and transcriptions of additional letters by Edwin Arlington Robinson, American poet and winner of three Pulitzer Prizes.
Collection ID: C0193

Ernest Hemingway and Milford J. Baker Correspondence, 1918-1969, bulk 1930/1932

Consists primarily of correspondence between American novelist Ernest Hemingway and his friend Milford J. Baker.
Collection ID: C0699

Historical Novels of Jere Wheelwright, 1948-1954

Consists of signed typescripts and galley proofs for four works of historical fiction by author Jere Wheelwright (1905-1961), (Princeton Class of 1927).
Collection ID: C0449

Josiah S. Studdiford Family Correspondence, 1807-1862

Consists of the personal correspondence of Josiah S. Studdiford (1837-1862), documenting his service with the 4th New Jersey Infantry during the U.S. Civil War, including battles in which he was involved; his capture and time as a prisoner of war at Libby Prison (Va.) in the summer of 1862; and his death during the Battle of South Mountain (Md.) on September 14, 1862. Also included is the largely personal correspondence of several of Studdiford's relatives, including his grandfather, John Neely Simpson (1770-1832); his brother, Peter Augustus Studdiford (1828-1886); and his uncles, James Hervey Simpson (1813-1883) and Josiah Simpson (1815-1874). Many of those represented were Princeton University graduates.
Collection ID: C1495

Mathieu-Guillaume-Thérèse Villenave's Collection on Alina d'Eldir, 1829-1959, bulk 1829/1845

Consists of correspondence and other materials collected by Mathieu-Guillaume-Thérèse Villenave relating to Alina d'Eldir, including her biography, her work with magnetism treatments, and the Ordre Asiatique de Morale Universelle.
Collection ID: C1624

Henry Markinfield Addey Papers, 1873-1910

Henry Markinfield Addey was a London publisher who is known for publishing Gustave Doré in England and for publishing the first English edition of Edgar Allan Poe's complete poems. Consists of family correspondence, memoir drafts, and one scrapbook.
Collection ID: C1392

Erwin Panofsky Correspondence with William S. Hecksher, 1936-1980, bulk 1945/1968

Consists of copies of correspondence primarily between art historian Erwin Panofsky and his student and fellow art historian William S. Hecksher, spanning the years from 1936 until Panofsky"s death in 1968.
Collection ID: C0680