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Housed in Firestone Library, the Manuscripts Division of the Department of Special Collections includes material documenting 5000 years of recorded history and all parts of the world, with strengths in Western Europe, the Near East, the United States, and Latin America.

Our Collections

Anton Tedesko Papers, 1913-2005, bulk 1922/1990

Anton Tedesko (1903-1994) was a German-born American structural engineer, best known for his extensive work in reinforced thin-shell concrete design, often on significant industrial, institutional, and government construction projects, largely in the United States during World War II and the Cold War. The papers consist of Tedesko's writings, correspondence, calculations, engineering drawings and designs, personal papers, photographs, reference materials and technical journals, along with some film reels and glass lantern slides, including materials from his time at the Dyckerhoff Widmann and Roberts Schaefer firms, representing his professional work and activities from the 1920s through the 1990s.
Collection ID: C1478

Chester W. Burton Family Papers, 1809-1956, bulk 1850/1910

Consists mostly of correspondence along with some financial records, legal documents, such as deeds and land indentures, ephemera, and photographs dating from the 19th and early 20th centuries that relate to Chester W. Burton, a farmer from Chautauqua County, New York, and his family. Among other topics, the collection documents aspects of the Civil War and early settlement and gold mining in the west.
Collection ID: C1523

Charles Homer Haskins Papers, 1834-1960, bulk 1909/1937

Consists of selected papers of American historian Charles Homer Haskins reflecting his academic career and government appointments.
Collection ID: C0702

Condit Family Papers, 1750-1883

Consists of account books and ledgers, a diary (1750), documents, photographs, a few letters, and printed material of the Condit family of East Orange, N.J.
Collection ID: C0408

United Spanish War Veterans Mrs. Edmund Rice Auxiliary Meeting Records, 1906-1922

Consists of three meeting ledgers documenting the activities of the Mrs. Edmund Rice Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans, an American women's organization run by suffragists and philanthropists that advocated for veterans and their families during the first two decades of the 20th century, including during World War I.
Collection ID: C1673

William Vaughn Moody Collection, 1894-1910

Consists of selected manuscripts, letters, and miscellany of the American poet and playwright Wiliam Vaughn Moody.
Collection ID: C0176

John Hamilton Townley Family Papers, 1836-1855

Consists of family papers of New Jersey Presbyterian minister John Hamilton Townley (Princeton Class of 1837).
Collection ID: C0736

Mary Jane and Daniel Woodward Collection of M. F. K. Fisher Letters, 1946-1988

Consists of selected letters by M. F. K. Fisher, a prolific writer of books dealing with food and the culture of cuisine.
Collection ID: C1226

Kimon Friar Papers, 1926-1993

The collection consists of personal papers of Kimon Friar, one of the first and most prolific translators of modern Greek poetry into English. His work helped bring modern Greek literature to the attention of the international public.
Collection ID: C0713

John Butler Yeats Collection, 1909-1978, bulk 1911/1922

Consists of original manuscripts, drawings, correspondence, miscellaneous materials, photographs and portraits, articles, clippings, and other printed material by and related to the Irish portrait painter John Butler Yeats.
Collection ID: C0672

Ebenezer Foote Papers, 1766-1925, bulk 1785/1829

Ebenezer Foote (1756-1829) was a cattle agent for the Continental Army's Commissary Department during the American Revolutionary War, a merchant, a land agent, a politician, and a judge in New York State. Foote's papers date from 1766 to 1925, with the majority dating from 1785 to his death in 1829, and primarily document his land agency business in Delhi, Delaware County, New York. In addition to the land and financial records related to his business, the collection also contains some legal records, records documenting Foote's work as inspector of cattle for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, and limited family records.
Collection ID: C0430

Nikos Pappas and Rita Boumē Papa Papers, 1932-1988

Consists of personal papers of the Greek poets and writers, Nikos Pappas and his wife, Rita Boumē Papa, including correspondence, autograph manuscripts and typescripts of published and unpublished poetry, articles, talks, clippings, and other printed material.
Collection ID: C0878

Mary A. Livermore Collection, 1768-1928, bulk 1846/1905

Consists of two collections of materials created by or related to American suffragette and reformer Mary Ashton Rice Livermore (1820-1905), including autograph notes, drafts, typescripts, and reprints of lectures, addresses, articles, and short stories by Livermore; correspondence; family documents and photographs; and clippings and printed materials, some of which were collected by Adelaide Witherington Boynton.
Collection ID: C0117

Orlando F. Weber Collection, 1791-1903, 1791-1903, bulk 1820/1832

Consists of mostly nineteenth-century material collected by Orlando F. Weber, a prominent industrialist with an interest in the history of corporate practices and economics.
Collection ID: C0458

Charles W. Tinckam Collection, 1866-1873

Consists of correspondence of nineteenth-century English editor Charles W. Tinckam with about 45 poets, authors, songwriters, or their representatives, seeking permission to use their poems in his anthology The Poets' Year, Being Pastoral Pictures of the Season, which was published in 1874.
Collection ID: C1234

Hooe Family Papers, 1829-1850

Consists of a small collection of correspondence and documents belonging to the Hooe family of Prince William County, Virginia, primarily concerning the hire and recapture of African Americans whom they enslaved on their plantation in the mid-19th century.
Collection ID: C1628

Idea Vilariño Papers, 1893-2007

Idea Vilariño was a poet, literary critic, song composer, translator, and educator. Her papers contain handwritten and typewritten drafts and proofs of her poetry; correspondence with her siblings Numen, Poema, Azul, and Alma; personal family photographs; research notebooks; and an annotated collection of books on literary criticism and other topics, including Shakespeare, Homer, Rubén Darío, Octavio Paz, and others.
Collection ID: C1567

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Collection, 1828-1881

Consists of an open collection for material by and about the English poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882).
Collection ID: C0185

Booksellers' League of New York Records, 1895-1967

Founded in 1895, the Booksellers' League of New York was an organization aimed at promoting a professional and collaborative spirit among members of the book trade. The bulk of the collection consists of meeting minutes of the annual meetings and Board of Managers meetings, 1895-1932 (5 vols.) and of materials relating to the League's monthly dinners and other social events, 1901-1958 (invitation cards, programs, menus, handbills, and related membership mailings).
Collection ID: C1369

Peter Schwed Correspondence, 1948-1994, bulk 1982/1982

Consists of 40 letters by various authors to Peter Schwed on the occasion of his retirement in 1982 as editor, publisher, and vice-president (1945-1982) of Simon and Schuster, Inc. Also present are brief comments on these letters by Schwed and a copy of his self-published Plum to Peter: Letters of P. G. Wodehouse to his Editor Peter Schwed (1996).
Collection ID: C0825

Selected Papers of Lemuel Cobb, 1753-1824

Consists of surveying documents, deeds, correspondence, and other material of American surveyor Lemuel Cobb relating, for the most part, to the Boudinot family, particularly the brothers Elias and Elisha and their nephew Tobias.
Collection ID: C0229

Enrique Lihn Collection, 1965-2006, bulk 1966/1966

Consists primarily of letters written to Nathalie Waag by Enrique Lihn, a Chilean poet.
Collection ID: C1170

Bruce C. Willsie Collection of British Sigillography, 100-1900

An open collection of examples of British sigillography (matrices, royal charters with seals, seal impressions, and related material), collected by Bruce C. Willsie, Class of 1986.
Collection ID: C0953

Cyril E. Black Papers, 1932-1989

Consists of papers of Cyril E. Black, a Princeton University professor of history.
Collection ID: C0676

S. S. Van Dine Scrapbooks, 1916-1939

Educated in California and at Harvard, Willard Huntington Wright became editor of The Smart Set (1913-1914). After suffering a serious illness in 1925, he turned to writing detective novels under the pseudonym of "S. S. Van Dine". His papers consist of scrapbooks reflecting the professional and private life of Van Dine, including articles by and about him (1926-1930), reviews of his books, motion pictures, and radio plays, his literary and art criticism, and miscellaneous and general notes (1926-1937).
Collection ID: C0346

Pre-Raphaelite Correspondence of George Price Boyce, 1852-1917

Consists of letters from approximately forty Pre-Raphaelite (and other) artists to English watercolorist George Price Boyce and his family.
Collection ID: C0705

Robert Granville Caldwell Autograph Collection, 1823-1902

The Robert Granville Caldwell Autograph Collection consists of correspondence and memorabilia of Caldwell, an American professor and public official.
Collection ID: C0096

Liu Binyan Papers, 1988-2006

Consists of papers of Chinese journalist and political dissident Liu Binyan, including manuscripts, notes, drafts of speeches, reviews, correspondence, audiocassettes of interviews, and other material.
Collection ID: C1116

James Mark Baldwin Collection, 1868-1987

Consists of correspondence, documents, photographs, and printed material relating to the professional career and personal life of American psychologist James Mark Baldwin (Princeton Class of 1884).
Collection ID: C0299

The World of the Great Forest: Novel by Paul Du Chaillu, 1900

Consists of the autograph manuscript of The World of the Great Forest by the French-American traveler and anthropologist Paul Du Chaillu.
Collection ID: C0153

Princeton University Press Records, 1905-2014, bulk 1940/1999

The Princeton University Press Records document the business acitivities of Princeton University Press. They include extensive files on works published by the press, as well as staff files, review files, editorial board and board of trustees files, financial information, production files, and publications.
Collection ID: C0728

Toni Morrison Papers, 1908-2017, bulk 1970/2015

Toni Morrison (born Chloe Ardelia Wofford, 1931-2019) was a Nobel prize-winning American author, editor, and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University. The material described in this finding aid consists of manuscripts, drafts, galleys, and proofs of Morrison's novels and other writings; personal correspondence; editorial files relating to Morrison's work at Random House and later publication of two posthumous works by Toni Cade Bambara; academic and teaching files, particularly pertaining to SUNY Albany and Princeton University; working files; press clippings; published books, photographs, audiovisual materials, and awards and memorabilia.
Collection ID: C1491

Sergio Ramírez Papers, 1916-2005, bulk 1963/2002

Sergio Ramírez has been a leading Nicaraguan author and politician. In 1977 Ramírez became head of the "Group of Twelve", a group of prominent intellectuals who supported the struggle of the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN) against the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza Debayle. With the triumph of the Revolution in 1979, he became part of the Junta of the Government of National Reconstruction and in 1984 he was elected vice-president under Daniel Ortega. The collection consists of manuscripts of his writings, source materials, personal, literary and political correspondence, papers and documents related to Ramírez's political career and to Nicaraguan political history, writings of others, photographs, and graphic and printed materials.
Collection ID: C1123

Allen Tate Papers, 1909-1979, bulk 1950/1979

Consists of extensive manuscripts, documents, and correspondence of American poet and literary critic Allen Tate, one of the leading members of the Fugitive and Southern Agrarian literary movements.
Collection ID: C0106

Edward LeRoy Rice Papers, 1892-1940, bulk 1916/1935

Edward Le Roy Rice was an American entrepreneur, producer of minstrel shows, and dealer in theatrical memorabilia. His collection consists of correspondence, both business and personal, documents, miscellaneous material, and many newspapers and clippings regarding Rice's interests in radio, film, and theater.
Collection ID: TC062

Andrews Circulating Library and Booksellers Correspondence, 1822-1852

Andrews Circulating Library and Booksellers was a bookstore, publisher, and subscription library in London in the early to mid-19th century. Consists of an archive of 113 original notes and letters largely composed by British aristocrats or their personal secretaries and addressed to Messrs. Andrews, Booksellers, at 167 New Bond Street, requesting or returning books from the circulating library. The collection contains single letters addressed to Mr. Lodge, Mr. Rooke, and Messrs. Harding. The correspondence also includes requests for stationery, music, and the purchase of new books.
Collection ID: C1425

Philip Lindsley Letters, 1821-1837

Consists of selected letters of Philip Lindsley, educator, Presbyterian clergyman, and acting president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) in 1822-1823.
Collection ID: C1111

Samuel A. Farrand Collection, 1848-1906

Consists of selected correspondence and documents by and about Samuel Ashbel Farrand, an American educator who was headmaster of the Newark Academy from 1859 to 1865 and 1875 to 1908.
Collection ID: C1333

F. Carrington Weems Papers, 1857-1919, bulk 1906/1913

Consists of papers of F. Carrington Weems (Princeton Class of 1907) primarily from his student days at Princeton and several years thereafter, during which he traveled in Europe, worked for the Alaska Road Commission, and became an army colonel in World War I.
Collection ID: C0453

Lincoln Gilmore Smith Collection, 1950-1966

Consists of miscellaneous material of Lincoln Gilmore Smith, a physicist and professor of physics at Princeton University, relating to his construction and use of mass spectrometers.
Collection ID: C1205

Thomas Marc Parrott Papers, 1882-1957, bulk 1915/1952

Consists of papers of American Shakespearean scholar Thomas Marc Parrott (Princeton Class of 1888), as well as printed matter and some works of other authors.
Collection ID: C0333

Benjamin Tallmadge Collection, 1756-1846

Consists mostly of selected papers of American Revolutionary intelligence officer Benjamin Tallmadge relating to his Revolutionary War experience.
Collection ID: C0243

Selected Papers of William B. Smith, 1918-1971

Consists primarily of correspondence between childhood friends William B. Smith and Ernest Hemingway, the American author and Nobel Prize winner.
Collection ID: C0200

Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher Collection on William F. Mannix, 1950-1965

Consists of papers gathered and generated by Ruth E. and Edward M. Brecher while researching the life of William Francis Mannix (1870?-1920), a journalist, soldier of fortune, grafter, and literary forger, for a proposed biography that was never completed. Included are manuscript drafts, correspondence and documents relating to Mannix's background, psychopathic personalities, and literary forgeries.
Collection ID: C0675

Walter Minto Collection, 1787-1793

Consists of selected correspondence and documents of the eighteenth-century Scottish mathematician Walter Minto, who was one of Princeton University's earliest teachers of mathematics.
Collection ID: C1181

Borgese Family Collection, 1937-1970

Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, postcards, and clippings of Elizabeth Mann Borgese, her husband, Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, and her mother, Katia Mann.
Collection ID: C1016

Sir Frank Kermode Papers, 1940-2010

The collection represents the entire extant archive of Sir Frank Kermode, a distinguished British literary critic, and includes writings (reviews, essays, lectures, radio broadcasts), correspondence, photographs, and printed material, as well as material relating to public controversy about the funding for Encounter, which Kermode co-edited.
Collection ID: C1149

Butler Family Papers, 1815-1948, bulk 1820/1920

The Butler Family Papers consists of works, notes, correspondence, journals, photographs, and other materials of Benjamin Franklin Butler (1795-1858), William Allen Butler (1825-1902), Mary Russell Marshall Butler (1827-1919), Charles Henry Butler (1859-1940), Harriet Allen Butler (1861-1914), and other members of the Butler family.
Collection ID: C0064

William Tipping Papers, 1688-2001

Conists of personal papers of William Tipping Esq, of Brasted Park, Sevenoaks, in Kent, and Avray near Paris. He was the son of the successful Liverpool merchant John Tipping, who in his twenties traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East before turning to Tory politics and serving as director of the London and North Western Railway.
Collection ID: C1462

Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater Papers, 1852-1883

Lyman Hotchkiss Atwater was a nineteenth century theologian and scholar. His papers include lectures, notes, published essays, printed matter, and some correspondence, as well as a volume of lecture notes from Atwater's son, Edward Atwater, and articles authored by various people for The Princeton Review.
Collection ID: C0792

Molly Shenstone Collection on Thomas Mann, 1939-1969

Consists of correspondence, photographs, souvenirs, printed material, and other miscellanea collected by Molly Shenstone about her friend Thomas Mann (1875-1955), the German novelist, essayist, playwright, and lecturer in the humanities at Princeton University.
Collection ID: C0525

James P. Kimball Papers, 1860-1919

Consists of a variety of materials, including photographs, correspondence, reports, and ephemera, related to James P. Kimball's life and work as a geologist and engineer around the turn of the 20th century, primarily in the American West.
Collection ID: C1438

Madeira-Mamoré Expeditions Collection, 1875-1914

Consists of postcards, photographs, wood engravings, memorabilia, and printed material collected by Robert Hopewell Hepburn relating to expeditions sent down to tropical South America in an attempt by the Brazilian government to construct a railroad along the Madeira River. Robert Hopewell Hepburn, a young engineer with the Pennsylvania Railroad System and a Princeton graduate of the Class of 1871, made the trip in 1878. He son undertook the same effort twenty-nine years later, sending back postcards to his father from Brazil.
Collection ID: C1121

Maria Hornor Lansdale Correspondence, 1884-1931, bulk 1900/1928

Consists of correspondence and miscellanea of the American author Maria Hornor Lansdale (b. 1860).
Collection ID: C0631

David Starr Hoyt Manuscripts, 1852-1853

Consists of two manuscripts by David Starr Hoyt, an officer in the Mexican War: an overland account in route to the California gold rush fields (1852) and an account of Native Americans drawn from Hoyt's experiences as a member of Isaac Stevens's exploring expedition surveying a route for the Northern Pacific Railroad from Oregon to Wisconsin in 1853.
Collection ID: C1407

Edward and Maude Ottley Collection of W. E. Gladstone Correspondence, 1841-1908

This collection consists of correspondence of Gladstone (and related persons) collected by Edward and Maude Ottley. In addition to letters by prominent government officials and statesmen, a number of literary and artistic figures are represented, including Robert Browning, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Samuel Langhorne Clemens ("Mark Twain"), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ("Lewis Carroll"), Kate Greenaway, Joseph Joachim, Andrew Lang, James Russell Lowell, Robert Bulwer Lytton, George MacDonald, Sir John Everett Millais, Anne Thackeray Ritchie, John Ruskin, George Augustus Sala, Anthony Trollope, Mrs. Humphry Ward, and Charlotte M. Yonge.
Collection ID: C0916

Elias Boudinot Collection, 1773-1950, bulk 1777/1820

Elias Boudinot was a lawyer and Revolutionary statesman, serving as member of the Continental Congress (president, 1782), secretary of foreign affairs (1783-84), New Jersey congressman (1789-95), and director of the U.S. Mint (1795-1805). The collection consists of miscellaneous letters and documents of Boudinot, many of which concern his land dealings.
Collection ID: C0230

Eli Field Cooley Papers, 1803-1910

Consists of sermons, correspondence, documents, diaries, commonplace books, diplomas, and miscellaneous financial papers of nineteenth-century pastor Eli Field Cooley (Princeton Class of 1806).
Collection ID: C0410

Walter Livingston Wright Papers, 1928-1947

Consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and documents of Walter Livingston Wright (Princeton Class of 1921) relating to his work in Turkey, Princeton, and Washington, D.C., as well as papers of his father, who was president of Lincoln University (Pa.).
Collection ID: C0119

James Thayer Gerould Papers on Jonathan Edwards, 1931-1937

Consists of selected papers of James Thayer Gerould, Princeton librarian (1920-1938), accumulated during the preparation of a bibliography of the works of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), Congregational clergyman and Princeton president.
Collection ID: C0576

James B. Gray Scrapbooks, 1851-1852

Consists of 10 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings compiled by historian James Gray in the early 1850s from various newspapers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Collection ID: C0895

George Segal Papers, 1936-2010, bulk 1970/1999

Business files, correspondence, photographs, artwork, writings, and clippings of George Segal (1924-2000), 20th-century American sculptor, artist, and photographer active from the late 1950s until 1999. The papers contain photographs taken by and of the artist, correspondence and all business files relating to exhibitions, records of the production of public commissions, writings by and about Segal, audio and visual media, and exhibition catalogs.
Collection ID: C1303

James Gould Cozzens Papers, 1878-1978, 1878-1978, bulk 1940/1969

The collection illustrates the literary and military careers of James Gould Cozzens in manuscripts, notebooks, diaries (1920-1970), war journals (1911-1945), correspondence (general, family, and business), documents, memorabilia, clippings, and photographs.
Collection ID: C0061

G. P. R. James Collection, 1825-1858

George Payne Rainsford James was an extremely prolific English novelist and historian in the nineteenth century. His collection contains some of his correspondence with various editors and colleagues, along with some miscellaneous prose and poetry, unfinished letters, and James's autographs.
Collection ID: C0814

Budd Schulberg Papers, 1936-1967

Consists of writings, correspondence, and miscellanea of the American novelist, playwright, screenwriter and biographer Budd Schulberg (1914-2009 ).
Collection ID: C0340

Broom Correspondence of Harold Loeb, 1920-1956, bulk 1921/1924

Consists of correspondence files of Harold Loeb (Princeton Class of 1913), one of the founding editors of Broom, An International Magazine of the Arts.
Collection ID: C0110

Bunkley Research on Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, 1940-1949

Consists of thirteen notebooks compiled by American biographer Allison Williams Bunkley while in South America doing research for his book The Life of Sarmiento (1952).
Collection ID: C0505

William Elliot Griffis Collection, 1873-1903

Consists of correspondence and manuscripts related to the history of the 1859 mission of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. in Japan and the role of James Curtis Hepburn in making it a success, collected by William Elliot Griffis for the purpose of writing a book.
Collection ID: C1243

James B. Rankin Autograph Collection, 1834-1931

The Autograph Collection includes letters from nineteenth and early twentieth century English, French, and American illustrators. A few manuscripts and illustrations are included as well.
Collection ID: C0120

Princeton University Archaeological Expeditions Collection, 1886-1909

Contains field notes on Greek, Latin, and Semitic inscriptions taken by William Kelly Prentice (Princeton Class of 1892), Enno Littmann, and David Magie on the American Archaeological Expedition to Syria (AAES), 1899-1900, and the Princeton Archaeological Expeditions to Syria (PAES), 1904-1905 and 1909, all sponsored by Princeton University.
Collection ID: C0562

Thomas Maxwell Henry Translations, 1911

Consists of English translations of Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac and three of Theophile Gautier's short stories by Thomas Maxwell Henry (Princeton Class of 1879), an American lawyer.
Collection ID: C0582

Elena Garro Papers, 1932-1998

The Elena Garro Papers consist of manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, journals, photographs, printed material, and a diary of Mexican writer Elena Garro (1916-1998). Included in the papers is correspondence and personal documents of Garro's daughter, Helena Paz Garro (1939-2014), a published poet.
Collection ID: C0827

Main Line: A Philadelphia Novel Collection, 1949

Consists of the original manuscripts (both holograph and typed) of Main Line: A Philadelphia Novel by American author, Livingston Biddle (Princeton Class of 1940).
Collection ID: C0143

Princeton University Library Collection of Booth Tarkington Materials, 1903-1947

Consists of an open collection of miscellaneous letters and memorabilia of American novelist and dramatist Booth Tarkington (1869-1946).
Collection ID: C0717

John Jay by Frank Monaghan, 1935

Consists of the original typescript of history professor Frank Monaghan's John Jay (1935), a biography of the American founding father.
Collection ID: C0332

Mowry Family of Rhode Island Collection, 1722-1785

Consists primarily of account books of members of the Mowry family, who were among the first settlers of Providence, Rhode Island.
Collection ID: C1137

Richard Le Gallienne Letters, 1890-1900

Consists of letters of Richard Le Gallienne, who was a British poet, essayist, and literary critic. A member of the Oscar Wilde circle, Le Gallienne contributed to the illustrated quarterly magazine The Yellow Book that is associated with Aubrey Beardsley, Max Beerbohm, and Ernest Dowson.
Collection ID: C1110

Short Stories of Dorothy M. Johnson, 1948-1950

Consists of selected manuscripts and some correspondence of Dorothy M. Johnson, a writer of Western fiction.
Collection ID: C0169

Clement Heaton Collection on Stained Glass, 1917-1932

Clement Heaton (1861-1940) was an artist, stained glass painter, sculptor, and mosaicist. His collection consists of material concerning the making and history of stained glass compiled by Heaton. Included are files of original artwork and photographs of stained glass and monuments, many notes, articles, and some correspondence on general studies in Medieval and Gothic art, craftmanship, glassmaking, and cathedrals.
Collection ID: C0556

Vodrey Collection of Arthur Machen Papers, 1915-1972

Consists of manuscripts and correspondence of Welsh writer Arthur Machen collected by Joseph Kelly Vodrey. It also contains an equal amount of manuscripts and correspondence of Machen admirers and collectors, particularly the members of the Machen Society, founded in 1948 after Machen's death.
Collection ID: C0240

George Haven Putnam Papers, 1853-1929

Consists of business and personal papers of George Haven Putnam (1844-1930), an American publisher and author. Included are fully-indexed letterbooks (1879-1910), typescripts of Putnam's writings (ca. 1905-1929), scrapbooks of letters received and press clippings (1878-1917), and other clippings and printed material (1853-1928).
Collection ID: C1350

Marquis de Lafayette Collection, 1781-1834

Consists of selected correspondence and documents of the Marquis de Lafayette, French soldier, statesman, and liberal leader, who was a general in the American Revolutionary army and a close friend of George Washington.
Collection ID: C1105

Virgilio Piñera Collection, 1941-1984

Virgilio Pinera (1912-1979) was a Cuban novelist, playwright, and storywriter. The collection consists of his works, including manuscripts of various poems, an unfinished play, theatrical sketches, and prose essay. The collection also contains Piñera's extensive correspondence with Humberto Rodriguez Tomeu (1919-1994), a Cuban short story writer and translator, and Witold Gombrowicz's correspondence with Rodriguez Tomeu.
Collection ID: C0749

Selected Papers of Ulric Dahlgren, 1864-1936

Consists of writings, correspondence, and subject files of Ulric Dahlgren (Princeton Class of 1894), a professor in Princeton's Department of Biology.
Collection ID: C0414

Selected Papers of Alfred H. Bill, 1956-1957

Consists of selected manuscripts and correspondence of American author, Alfred H. Bill (1879-1964).
Collection ID: C0144

Legal Accounts of John Morin Scott, 1829-1858

Consists primarily of three hundred forty-six account sheets kept by American lawyer John Morin Scott (Princeton Class of 1805) covering his legal work in Philadelphia from June 1829 through March 1858.
Collection ID: C0338

William Michael Rossetti Collection, 1868-1907

The William Michael Rossetti Collection consists of manuscripts, sketches, correspondence, and miscellanea of the English art critic and essayist William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919).
Collection ID: C0223

David Hosack Family Papers, 1793-1916, bulk 1818/1850

David Hosack (1769-1835) was an American physician, botanist, educator, and graduate of Princeton University (Class of 1789). This collection consists of correspondence, deeds, indentures, wills, maps, printed materials, and other assorted family papers related to estates and land owned by David Hosack and his family. Many of the papers concern land in the Lackawanna River valley of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
Collection ID: C0687

William Davenport Adams Correspondence, 1882-1904

Consists of correspondence between British journalist and critic William Davenport Adams and well-known British authors and poets.
Collection ID: C1000

Rhomaides Brothers Photographs Collection, 1880-1899

Consists of an open collection for Rhomaides Brothers photographs of classical sites in Greece (particularly Athens).
Collection ID: C0986

Thomas James Wise Collection, 1894-1932

Consists of selected correspondence of Thomas James Wise, the English bibliographer and noted forger of the early 20th century
Collection ID: C1298

Baroness Hyde de Neuville Collection, 1806-1968

Consists of correspondence, photographs, and printed matter concerning the Baron and Baroness Hyde de Neuville.
Collection ID: C0463

Sir Israel Gollancz Correspondence, 1890-1948, bulk 1915/1929

Consists primarily of letters (approximately 500) from contemporaries of English editor and publisher Sir Israel Gollancz.
Collection ID: C1079

John Miller Papers, 1841-1917

Consists of works, correspondence, a diary (1851), financial papers, biographical material, a bibliography, and printed matter of American Presbyterian clergyman and Confederate chaplain John Miller (Princeton Class of 1836).
Collection ID: C0632

Shippen Family Collection, 1750-1810, bulk 1750/1783

Consists of correspondence, manuscripts, and documents of several members of the prominent Shippen family of Philadelphia during the colonial, revolutionary, and early federal periods. Portions of the material are related to the College of New Jersey and its move from Newark, N.J. to Princeton, N.J.
Collection ID: C1200

Atlantic Monthly Press Author Files of Stanley Kunitz, 1965-1983

Consists of Atlantic Monthly Press author files (1965-1983) of American poet Stanley Kunitz.
Collection ID: C0903

Arthur and Sylvia Mandy Collection of Philip Wylie, 1947-1957

Consists of material by and about Philip Wylie collected by Arthur and Sylvia Mandy during the course of their friendship with the American writer.
Collection ID: C1169

Harvey Smith Novels, 1941-1965

Consists of manuscripts and related material for four works of fiction by American novelist Harvey Smith (Princeton Class of 1917).
Collection ID: C0638

T. S. Matthews Papers, 1910-1991, bulk 1940/1991

Consists of writings, notebooks, correspondence, files from Time magazine, subject files, legal and financial correspondence, photographs, and printed material of T. S. Matthews, an author and editor of Time magazine.
Collection ID: C1131

Charles Ryskamp Collection of William Cowper, 1780-1968

Consists of Xerox copies of works and correspondence by William Cowper collected by Princeton professor and scholar Charles Ryskamp, as well as correspondence, notebooks, and miscellaneous material of Neilson Campbell Hannay, another Cowper scholar and collector.
Collection ID: C0382