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Manuscripts Division

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Housed in Firestone Library, the Manuscripts Division of the Department of Special Collections includes material documenting 5000 years of recorded history and all parts of the world, with strengths in Western Europe, the Near East, the United States, and Latin America.

Our Collections

Otto H. Kahn Papers, 1908-1934 (mostly 1920-1933)

The Otto H. Kahn Papers consists primarily of the correspondence of Otto H. Kahn (1867-1934), international banker, philanthropist, and patron of the arts and music, but also includes printed copies of addresses, talks, opinions, and speeches that Kahn gave on a variety of political and fiscal topics, as well as press clippings, letterbooks, and some photographs.
Collection ID: TC032

Lewis Cass Collection, 1832-1873

Lewis Cass, a nineteenth-century senator from Michigan, had prominent roles in the administrations of Andrew Jackson and James Buchanan. This collection consists of selected correspondence, printed material, and ephemera of Cass.
Collection ID: C1031

Simon Hastings by F. M. Tibbott, 1942

Consists of a draft of author F. M. Tibbot's novel Simon Hastings (1942).
Collection ID: C0477

Oliver Stromberg Collection of William Beebe Book Collecting Files, 1912-1993

Materials collected by book collector Oliver Stromberg in preparation to write a book on American naturalist and explorer, William Beebe. Collection primarily consists of orders, invoices, book catalogs, and correspondence from booksellers.
Collection ID: C1595

Theodore Spencer Journals, 1937-1947

Consists of personal journals of Theodore Spencer, American poet and essayist, and distinguished Harvard University literature professor.
Collection ID: C1056

Ferdinand Lassalle Letters, 1862-1864

Consists of letters of Ferdinand Lassalle, the German "scientific" socialist who founded the Democratic Socialist Party and in 1862 proposed a theory (Lassalleanism) in opposition to Marxism.
Collection ID: C1106

J. B. Rhine Collection on the New Frontiers of the Mind, 1937

The J. B. Rhine Collection on the New Frontiers of the Mind consists of galley proofs of the book by the American educator, psychologist, and author J. B. (Joseph Banks) Rhine (1895-1980).
Collection ID: C0011

Sarah Ponsonby Collection, 1801-1822

Consists of selected letters of Sarah Ponsonby, one of the famous "Ladies of Llangollen."
Collection ID: C1172

Joseph François Chalard Translations of Four Novels by Alessandro Verri, 1810-1838

Consists of Joseph François Chalard's manuscript translations of four novels by the Italian author Alessandro Verri (1741-1816) into French, including "Les aventures de Sapho, poétesse de Mitylène" (Le avventure di Saffo poetessa di Mitilene), "La vie d'Erostrate" (La vita di Erostrato), and parts 1 and 2 of "Les nuits romaines au tombeau des Scipions" (Notti romane al sepolcro degli Scipioni).
Collection ID: C1632

Alice B. Toklas Collection, 1950-1965

Consists primarily of letters (1952-1965) Alice B. Toklas wrote to her friends Lloyd Frankenberg and his wife, the painter Loren MacIver. Toklas is best known as the life partner of writer Gertude Stein.
Collection ID: C1223

Peter N. Heydon Collection of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning Furniture, undated

Includes a few artifacts of British poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) and Robert Browning (1812-1889).
Collection ID: C1466

Edmund Morford Collection, 1828-1830

Consists of manuscript drafts of two articles by nineteenth-century American editor Edmund Morford.
Collection ID: C1141

Princeton University Library Collection of Kōstas Zēmerēs Photographs, 1900-1999

Kostas Zēmerēs was born in 1886 in Katēchōri Pelion. He studied at the Commercial School of Volos, where he took his first lessons from the painter Iōannēs Poulakas. In 1904 he went to the United States where he worked in photo labs collaborating with painters and photographers. There he had the opportunity to study at the Art Institute of Saint Louis. He returned to Greece in 1912 where he was recruited during the Balkan Wars. Later, after the World War I, he remained in Athens working with great photographers, such as George Bouka and Nelly's. Finally he returned to Volos where he worked as a professional photographer and painter. He participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad, such as in Calais (France) in 1925 and Liverpoool (England) in 1926. He received the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Thessalonikē (Greece) in 1932 and 1936. Zēmerēs gave us the unique photographs of the painter Theophilos Chatzēmichaēl. He died at the age of 96. Consists of an open collection of silver prints depicting Greek landscapes by Kōstas Zēmerēs.
Collection ID: C1342

Princeton Revolution Collection, 1777

Consists mostly of receipts for supplies and services delivered/rendered to the Continental Army, given to Enos Kelsey (Princeton Class of 1760), who at that time was a major in Colonel Chambers' Battalion of the New Jersey State Army, apparently buying supplies locally in Princeton.
Collection ID: C0032

Alice Raphael Collection of Faust Materials, 1938-1960

The Alice Raphael Collection of Faust Materials contains photographs and epherema relating to the Yale bicentennial of Goethe's Faust , for which Alice Raphael's translation was used, as well as information about other productions of Faust and about Raphael's other work.
Collection ID: C1431

Claude Esteban Letters, 1968-1988

The collection chiefly consists of 30 letters (1968-1988) received by the French poet, essayist, and translator, Claude Esteban, from the Mexican poet, writer, and diplomat, Octavio Paz, concerning translations projects.
Collection ID: C1613

Morris Weeks Manuscripts, 1969

Consists of manuscripts of Hello Mexico (1970), a work by Morris Weeks (Princeton Class of 1934) which describes the history, government, and culture of the people of Mexico.
Collection ID: C0620

Waterman Thomas Hewett Collection, 1914-1920

Consists of material about the burning of Columbia, South Carolina, during the Civil War collected from source material by Waterman Thomas Hewett, an American educator and editor.
Collection ID: C1082

Richard Roe Letters to John Thelwell, 1805-1808

Consists of eighteen letters by Richard Roe, an irish stenographer and writer, to English author John Thelwell concerning Roe's life, business endeavors, and books on the English language.
Collection ID: C1195

James Creese Letters to Thomas H. English, 1918-1971

Consists of approximately 175 letters by college president James Creese (Princeton Class of 1918) to his Princeton classmate and friend Thomas H. English, who became a professor of English at Emory University, Georgia.
Collection ID: C0678

Rose Cecil O'Neill letters to Mr. and Mrs. William Curtis Gibson, 1912-1927

Consists of letters by Rose Cecil O'Neill, the American children's book author and illustrator, and inventor of the Kewpie doll, to her friends William Curtis and Fannie Gibson.
Collection ID: C1153

Archive of the Commission for Refugee Women and Children from Crete, 1897-1899

Consists of material relating to the relief of refugees of the Cretan War of Independence.
Collection ID: C1179

Doubleday & Company File of Louis Kronenberger Correspondence, 1959-1981 (mostly 1970-1979)

Consists primarily of letters from critic, novelist, and biographer Louis Kronenberger to his editors at Doubleday & Company.
Collection ID: C1579

Reginald Lawrence Papers, 1939-1967

The Reginald Lawrence Papers consists primarily of typescripts of plays Lawrence (Princeton Class of 1921) wrote for theater, film, and television, as well as short stories, poetry, outlines and notes for various projects, some letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
Collection ID: TC038

Charles-Antoine Chancerel Manuscripts on Oidapa, 1888-1892

Consists of manuscript grammar books and a dictionary documenting an artificial language called Oidapa (Oïdapa, Oīdapa) that was invented by French civil engineer Charles-Antoine Chancerel in the late 19th century.
Collection ID: C1639

David Starr Hoyt Manuscripts, 1852-1853

Consists of two manuscripts by David Starr Hoyt, an officer in the Mexican War: an overland account in route to the California gold rush fields (1852) and an account of Native Americans drawn from Hoyt's experiences as a member of Isaac Stevens's exploring expedition surveying a route for the Northern Pacific Railroad from Oregon to Wisconsin in 1853. Images of this collection are also available online at Digital PUL.
Collection ID: C1407

Spanish Papal Nuncio Records, 1656-1675

Consists chiefly of financial records, household accounts, inventories of moveable property, and some correspondence of Galeazzo Marescotti (1627-1726), who seved as papal nuncio to the royal court of King Carlos II of Spain from 1670 to 1675.
Collection ID: C0758

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Collection, 1922-1923

Consists of a small collection of correspondence and mansucripts of the Spanish author Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.
Collection ID: C1315

"Talking to Women," Thomas Baird's Interviews about Maya Women, 1970s

Consists of audiocassette tapes with typed transcripts of oral history interviews conducted by Thomas Baird (Princeton University Class of 1945) with anthropologists who had talked with Maya women in Chiapas, Mexico.
Collection ID: WC032

Winthrop M. Daniels Correspondence, 1911-1942

Contains selected correspondence of economics professor Winthrop M. Daniels (Princeton Class of 1888).
Collection ID: C0734

H. Wright Johnson Collection on Harley Granville-Barker, 1947-1950

This collection consists of letters to H. Wright Johnson (Princeton Class of 1948) regarding Harley Granville-Barker, the subject of Johnson's senior thesis at Princeton. Included is Johnson's thesis, typescripts and correspondence concerning The Prevalence of Witches and Weekending, and correspondence between Johnson and George Bernard Shaw who worked closely with Granville-Barker in the English theater.
Collection ID: TC029

Townsend Martin Collection, 1928

This collection consists of two boxes of typescripts, screenplays, and scene descriptions by American playwright and screenwriter Townsend Martin (Princeton Class of 1917) as well as one box of similar material by other authors, such as Willis Goldbeck and Fannie Hurst.
Collection ID: TC031

Kernodle Collection of Louis E. Laflin, 1940-1973

The collection consists of letters by American educator and playwright Louis Ellsworth Laflin (Princeton Class of 1924) to George R. Kernodle (a friend from Yale Drama School), written over thirty-three years. Also included are Laflin's notes and papers on Asian/Indian, Egyptian, and Greek drama, copies of six plays written by him, and copies of two essays on the founding and history of Princeton's Theatre Intime.
Collection ID: TC037

Blaney Melodramas, 1896-1944

Consists mainly of typescripts of melodramas written by American dramatist Charles E. Blaney.
Collection ID: TC005

Edward C. Thomas Letters to Nicholas Biddle, 1801-1804

Consists of letters by Princeton graduate Edward C. Thomas to his friend and college classmate Nicholas Biddle about news of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University).
Collection ID: C1289

Dag Hammarskjöld Collection, 1958-1961

Consists of selected copies of correspondence and manuscripts of Dag Hammarskjöld, Swedish secretary-general of the United Nations (1953-1961) and Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Collection ID: C1074

Claude Adrien Meney Letters, 1734

Consists of contemporary manuscript copies of 38 letters (in a bound volume) written by the eighteenth-century French attorney Claude Meney during a visit to London..
Collection ID: C0893

Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh Letters, 1900-1918 (mostly 1900-1904)

Consists primarily of twenty-seven autograph letters by Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh, English critic and essayist, to his English publisher, Edward Arnold.
Collection ID: C1182

Wesley Halliburton Correspondence, 1939-1950

Consists of four small groups of correspondence between Wesley Halliburton and others after the death of his famous son Richard in 1939. Richard Halliburton was a celebrated adventurer and author known, among other things, for having swum the length of the Panama Canal.
Collection ID: C0284

Frank Graziano Working Files for Alejandra Pizarnik: A Profile, 1982-1988

Consists of Frank Graziano's working files for Alejandra Pizarnik: A Profile (Durango, Colo.: Logbridge-Rhodes, 1987), his critical work on the Argentine poet.
Collection ID: C0914

Thomas Picton Collection, 1768-1807

Consists of selected manuscripts of New Jersey Rev. Thomas Picton.
Collection ID: C1171

Daphne Du Maurier Letters to Douglas Black, 1947-1976

Consists of letters and cards by British novelist Daphne Du Maurier to her American publisher, Douglas Black, who was president of Doubleday &Co.
Collection ID: C0858

Selected Papers of Robert Thompson Sloss, 1881-1917

Consists of selected correspondence and other material of American journalist Robert Sloss.
Collection ID: C0005

Princeton University Collection of Willa Cather Materials, 1933-1982 (mostly 1933-1944)

Consists of correspondence, a typed manuscript, and printed material related to Willa Cather, one of the most respected American women novelists of the early twentieth century.
Collection ID: C1030

Nikos Kavvadias Papers, 1949-1972

Consists of papers of Nikos Kavvadias, a Greek poet who spent most of his life traveling the world as a wireless operator on ocean freighters.
Collection ID: C0866

Carter Godwin Woodson Correspondence with Charles H. Wesley, 1925-1950

Consists, primarily, of a life-long series of correspondence between Carter Godwin Woodson, founder of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, and Charles H. Wesley, African-American historian and college president.
Collection ID: C1310

John Hamilton Townley Family Papers, 1836-1855

Consists of family papers of New Jersey Presbyterian minister John Hamilton Townley (Princeton Class of 1837).
Collection ID: C0736

James Gibson Papers, 1858-1932 (mostly 1858-1859)

Consists of scrapbook pages and a diary kept by James Gibson from May, 1858, to May, 1859, while traveling in the United States and Canada and attending Princeton Theological Seminary.
Collection ID: C0774

Edward Robert Hughes Letters, 1883-1914

Consists of approximately 155 letters by English painter Edward Robert Hughes to his friend and patron Mrs. Sydney Morse.
Collection ID: C0743

British Military Mission to Greece Operational Intelligence Files, 1948-1949

Consists of summary reports (1948-1949) of operational intelligence of the British military mission to Greece during the Greek Civil War (1944-1949).
Collection ID: C0853

Al Hine Novels, 1951-1961

Consists of manuscripts for three novels by American novelist and children's writer Al Hine.
Collection ID: C0225

John Everett Millais Letters to His Daughter Effie, 1874-1889

Consists primarily of a series of over forty autograph letters by the English artist John Evereet Millais to his daughter Effie.
Collection ID: C1471

Crispin Family Genealogical Papers, 1939

Consists of transcripts of books and notes of genealogical interest to the Crispin family, dating back to their 11th-century French ancestors.
Collection ID: C0413

Donald Goodchild Collection, 1918-1968

Consists primarily of correspondence of Donald Goodchild, who was secretary of the American Council of Learned Societies in Washington, D.C.
Collection ID: C1065

Miguel Angel Asturias Papers, 1963-1969

Consists primarily of correspondence of Guatemalan author Miguel Angel Asturias, Seymour Lawrence, Gregory Rabassa, Jose Castillo, Tom Maschler, and others concerning Rabassa's English translations of Asturias's works and their publication in the United States and abroad.
Collection ID: C0624

Fulton McMahon Collection, 1882-1911 (mostly 1882-1884)

Consists chiefly of academic documents of American politician Fulton McMahon while he was attending the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University).
Collection ID: C1119

Benedict Thielen Letters to Frederic Roderigo Gruger, Jr, 1918-1962

Consists of letters by American novelist Benedict Thielen (Princeton Class of 1923) to Frederic Roderigo Gruger, Jr.
Collection ID: C0285

Katherine Anne Porter Collection, 1940-1945

Consists of selected letters, holograph and typewritten, of Katherine Anne Porter.
Collection ID: C1175

Charles Gillispie Wartime Letters, 1945

Consists of thirteen letters from Charles Gillispie (1918-2015) home to his parents, Raymond Livingston Gillispie and Virginia Coulston, while he was stationed with the United States Army in France, Germany, and Austria during the final months of World War II in Europe. His letters, which span from March 9th to August 25th, 1945, are addressed from France, Germany, Austria, Bavaria, and Camp Shelby in Mississippi, and describe the conditions for American soldiers and prisoners of war in Europe, the state of the people and infrastructure in the German and French countryside, and other topics.
Collection ID: C1538

Cole Family Papers, circa 1848-1900

Consists of 12 letters from William, E. B., and Robert Patten to their brother-in-law and sister, George N. and Olivia Cole, along with additional Cole family documents.
Collection ID: C1548

New York Herald Tribune Papers of Robert Cresswell, 1935-1939

Consists of several business reports and analyses prepared by Robert Cresswell, business manager of the New York Herald Tribune.
Collection ID: C1133

Walter de la Mare Letters to Olive C. Jones, 1927-1956

Consists primarily of letters by British novelist and poet Walter De la Mare to Olive C. Jones, his secretary during the 1930s and, later, editor of Methuen's children's books.
Collection ID: C0917

Fred Lewis Pattee Collection on The Poems of Philip Freneau, 1900-1905

Consists of correspondence of editor Fred Lewis Pattee and others relating to the publishing of The Poems of Philip Freneau (3 vols., 1902-1907). Freneau was an eighteenth-century American poet, often called the "poet of the American Revolution."
Collection ID: C1157

James Robertson photographs collection, circa 1854

James Robertson was one of the first prominent traveller-photographers to depict scenes of mid-nineteenth century Greece. Of Scottish descent, he has been identified as the engraver James Robertson, who worked in London around 1830. He first settled in Constantinople in 1841, where he spent forty years of his life working as a master engraver in the imperial mint. His photography career began in the early 1850's when he opened a photographer's studio in Peran, the European district of Constantinople. His photographs, which were immediately popular among the art lovers of his period, appeared in international exhibitions in Paris and London and were frequently reproduced in the leading periodical "The London Illustrated News". He died in 1888 in Yokohama. Robertson earned his place in the history of photography with his coverage of the Crimean war, and with his photographs of Constantinople and other historical Mediterranean sites, such as Athens, Malta, Damascus, Egypt and the Holy Land. A close study of his work in Athens reveals that he first visited the city in 1853-1854 and probably returned later with Felice Beato, another renowned, somewhat younger, photographer. The monuments of the Acropolis (Propylaea, Temple of Athena Nike, Parthenon, Erechtheum) and the city of Athens (Temple of Olympian Zeus, Tower of the Winds, Gate of Athena Archegetis, Lysicrates Monument) as well as the Temples of Poseidon in Sounion, Aphaia on the island of Aegina, and Apollo in Corinth were magnificently portrayed by his camera while contemporary Athens was only infrequently depicted or used as a setting for its ancient remains. Although he rarely photographed people in his early work, in later work he handled them with consummate skill as a means of alleviating the monotony of ancient ruins and as an allusion to contemporary paintings. ( Consists of an open collection of photographs of Robertson.
Collection ID: C1380

George Morgan Collection, 1759-1806

Consists of an open collection of material related to George Morgan, a Princeton farmer and landowner. Included are a journal containing a survey register for lands in western Pa., a personal account book, and miscellaneous correspondence.
Collection ID: C1394

Greek-American Community of New York Photographs, 1940s

Consists of photographs of the Greek-American community of New York in the 1940s.
Collection ID: C0949

Nancy Mitford Collection, 1966-1973

Consists of letters by Nancy Mitford, Britsth novelist and biographer, to Elizabeth Forbes, manager of the London bookstore G. Heywood Hill, Ltd.
Collection ID: C1204

Meade Minnigerode Collection on The Terror of Peru, 1940

Consists of the typed manuscript and galley proofs of the novel The Terror of Peru by the American biographer and historical novelist Meade Minnigerode.
Collection ID: C0010

Alexander Scotland Collection, 1869-1893

Consists of works, correspondence, documents, photographs, a diary (1869), and a journal (1888) of Alexander Scotland (Princeton Class of 1874), most of which reflects the life he led in Colorado mining areas after leaving the East because of tuberculosis.
Collection ID: WC008

Caleb Frank Gates Papers, 1919-1932

Consists of papers of Caleb Frank Gates dating from part of his tenure as president of Robert College, Istanbul, including the years on leave (1922-1923) that he served as adviser to the United States high commissioner at the peace conference on Near Eastern affairs in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Collection ID: C0558

D. C. Herrin "Columbia River Scenery" Photographs, circa 1892-1897

Consists of 13 mounted albumen card photographs from Oregon photographer D. C. Herrin's "Columbia River Scenery" series that depict various scenes along the river, including views of waterfalls; sites such as The Dalles, the Columbia River Gorge, and Mount Hood; and steamships. Herrin took the photographs via The Dalles, Portland, & Astoria Navigation Company (DP&AN) steamers and via the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company (OR&N) line.
Collection ID: C1512

Ralph Ginzburg Letters to Leonard Lyons, 1963-1970

Consists of thirty-four letters and note cards of American periodical publisher Ralph Ginzburg to his friend Leonard Lyons, syndicated columnist of the "The Lyons Den" with the New York Post. The letters discuss Ginzburg's trial concerning his publication of the "obscene" periodical Eros, as well as his later publications, Fact and Avant Garde magazines.
Collection ID: C1338

George Madison Priest Papers, 1917-1941

Consists of papers of American literary historian George Madison Priest
Collection ID: C0329

Erwin Panofsky Letters to the Burrages, 1938-1969

Consists primarily of letters by Erwin and Dora Panofsky to the artist Mildred Burrage and her sister Madeleine ("Bob").
Collection ID: C0647

Jacques de Lacretelle Collection, 1920-1923

Consists of a collection of literary manuscripts of the twentieth-century French novelist Jacques de Lacretelle.
Collection ID: C1115

Emily Ann Brown Daybook and Travel Papers, 1861-1874

Emily Ann Brown was born in 1841. In 1873-1874, she went on a grand tour of Europe. Consists of one daybook with entries dated 1861-1862, one travel passport dated 1873, one travel diary chronicling her grand tour in 1873 and travels on the Rhine in 1874, and Brown's handwritten translation from the German of "A Forest Fable."
Collection ID: C1402

Auguste Plée Sketchbook, 1821

Consists of microfilm strips and prints from microfilm of French botanist Auguste Plée's sketchbook of American and Canadian views and a long letter (with typed copy) to his family in France describing his journey in the United States and Canada in 1821 as a botanist for the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris.
Collection ID: C0532

Walden, ou, La Vie dans les Bois, 1922

Consists of a typed manuscript, with holograph corrections, of Louis Fabulet's translation of Henry David Thoreau's Walden.
Collection ID: C0854

Anthony Wayne by Harry Emerson Wildes, 1941

Consists of American historian Harry Emerson Wildes's manuscript for his 1941 biography of Anthony Wayne, the noted American Revolutionary general.
Collection ID: C0357

Ottoman Turkish Documents from Greece, 1829-1906

Consists of various Ottoman Turkish documents (1829-1906), with some Greek annotations, pertaining to the areas of Trikala (Tricca), Ioannina (Janina), Karditsa and Thessaly in Greece.
Collection ID: C0629

Percy H. Williams Autograph Collection, 1852-1944

Consists of approximately 50 original autographs, including signatures of Washington Irving, Henry van Dyke, and Charles Guiteau (assassin of President James Garfield), and a letter written by Wendell Willkie.
Collection ID: C0900

George Seferis Photographs of Cyprus, 1953-1971 (mostly 1953-1955)

Consists of 138 photographs of Cyprus taken by Greek poet and Nobel Prize winner George Seferis.
Collection ID: C0782

Notes of James Lawson Norris on Woodrow Wilson Lectures, 1897-1899

Consists of six notebooks (1897-1899) of James Lawson Norris (Princeton Class of 1899) containing notes on lectures in jurisprudence, constitutional law, and English common law delivered by Woodrow Wilson in his courses at Princeton.
Collection ID: C0595

Peter R. Decker Collection, 1830-1843

Consists chiefly of a nineteenth-century diary of Peter R. Decker, resident of Shawangunk, N.Y.
Collection ID: C0993

William Yarrell Collection, 1830-1961 (mostly 1833-1856)

Consists of letters and drawings of William Yarrell, a nineteenth-century British naturalist, and related printed matter.
Collection ID: C0603

Groff Conklin Files for The Smart Set Anthology, 1929-1934

Consists of correspondence and documents American science fiction anthologist and author Groff Conklin compiled during the creation of The Smart Set Anthology (1934).
Collection ID: C1656

Cole Family Papers, 1883-1913

Consists of the papers of Harriet and Alma Cole, wife and daughter of Charles K. Cole, largely relating to the women's stakes in mining operations in Montana and Colorado.
Collection ID: C1465

Edmund Wilson Letters to Margaret Rullman, circa 1900-1977 1950-1971 (mostly 1950-1971)

Consists of over thirty letters and cards from American literary critic Edmund Wilson (Princeton Class of 1916) to Margaret Rullman, a childhood friend.
Collection ID: C0186

Horton Davies collection of Frederick Buechner, 1943-1982 (mostly 1978-1981)

Horton Davies was a Princeton University professor of religion; his wife, Marie-Helene Davies, is author of LAUGHTER IN A GENEVAN GOWN: THE WORKS OF FREDERICK BUECHNER, 1970-1980 (1983). Consists of papers relating to the novelist Frederick Buechner (Princeton Class of 1947) collected or created by Davies.
Collection ID: C0820

Ernest Poole Collection, 1922-1927

Consists of three manuscripts of American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner Ernest Poole, as well as some other papers and correspondence..
Collection ID: C0180

Walter Magnes Teller Collection on Thomas Hood, 1860-1940

Consists of background material relating to Walter Magnes Teller's proposed biography of English poet Thomas Hood.
Collection ID: C0165

George Roden Civil War Letters to His Family, 1861-1864

Consists of twenty-eight letters sent by George Roden, Jr., while he was on tour during the American Civil War, to his family in Newark, New Jersey.
Collection ID: C1213

Spanish Military Documents Relating to 19th Century Cuba, 1845-1976

Consists of Spanish legal and military documents relating to the administration of Cuba in the 19th century.
Collection ID: C0646

The Great Circle by Carlton Beals, 1940

Consists of the printer's copy of Carlton Beals' travel book The Great Circle (1940), containing descriptions of his travels in Tunisia, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Germany.
Collection ID: C0606

William Seymour Family Papers, 1733-1967 (mostly 1870-1933)

Consists primarily of the professional papers of prominent late 19th- and early 20th-century American theatrical stage manager and director William Seymour (1855-1933). The majority of papers include correspondence as well as numerous production-related materials, such as playscripts, promptbooks, and sheet music. Family members, particularly other well-known theater figures, such as Seymour's sister-in-law Fanny Davenport (1850-1898), are also represented in the collection through correspondence, production materials, ephemera, and newspaper clippings.
Collection ID: TC011

Matthew Phipps Shiel Collection, 1892-1946

Consists of correspondence of Matthew Phipps Sheil, a prolific British writer of fantasy fiction, with editors, literary agents, publishers, and other authors.
Collection ID: C1199

Corson Family Collection, 1860-1892

Consists of correspondence and documents of members of the Corson family, particularly Theodore Corson, of Cape May Court House, New Jersey.
Collection ID: C1038

Alba Houghton Warren Papers, 1864-1940 (mostly 1938-1940)

Consists of selected papers of Alba Houghton Warren (Princeton Class of 1936), professor of English at Princeton (1945-1955), relating to his earlier work "Richard Hengist Horne: A Literary Biography," which apparently was never published.
Collection ID: C0462

The Intent of the Artist (Manuscript), Edited by Augusto Centeno, 1941

Consists of the printer's copy of the manuscript for The Intent of the Artist , edited by Centeno and published by the Princeton University Press in 1941.
Collection ID: C0127