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Memorabilia Collection, 1775-2010 (mostly 1866-1997)

This collection contains over 1,800 items including mugs, pipes, canes, banners, hatbands, pins, jewelry, and other material collected by many individuals that document reunions, sporting events, student traditions, and other aspects of University life.
Collection ID: AC053

Alumni Association Records, 1826-2016

The Alumni Association of Nassau Hall, Princeton's first official organization of alumni, was founded on commencement day 1826. The collection consists primarily of administrative materials such as correspondence, meeting minutes, notebooks and reports belonging to both national and regional associations and their committees, most from the first half of the 20th century. Also contains newsletters, alumni directories, scrapbooks, reunion-related ephemera, photographs, and materials documenting reunions and alumni organization activities from the late 19th century forward.
Collection ID: AC048

Department of Facilities Records, 1803-2015 (mostly 1955-1981)

The Department of Facilities at Princeton University is responsible for the construction, maintenance, renovation, and financial management of the buildings and properties owned by the university. The Department of Facilities records document the daily activities of the department and its numerous divisions through blueprints, photographs, correspondence, memos, sketches, contracts, ledgers, tax returns, incorporation papers, by-laws, annual reports, financial statements, newspaper clippings, booklets, and meeting minutes.
Collection ID: AC041

Undergraduate Alumni Records, 18th Century, 1748-1799

Consists of personal files of former undergraduate students of Princeton University. Information in each file varies greatly but can include the names of relatives, notable achievements and news items, address updates, and obituaries.
Collection ID: AC104.01

Princeton University Archives Collection on the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, 1908-1999 (mostly 1928-1992)

The American Whig-Cliosophic Society (1941-present) is a literary, political and debating society which has had an important impact on the lives of generations of Princeton students. It provides students with both social alternatives and an opportunity to develop skills not emphasized by the University curriculum. The contents of the initial group of records were acquired between 1941 and 1993 in agreements between Princeton University and the American Whig-Cliosophic Society. The library initially cataloged some of these records into the P Collection. Subsequently, an attempt was made to organize some of these records in 1975.
Collection ID: AC023

Honorary Degree Records, 1749-1991

Consists of files pertaining to honorary degree recipients throughout Princeton University's history.
Collection ID: AC106

Veterans of Future Wars Collection, 1936-1947 (mostly 1936-1937)

The Veterans of Future Wars Collection, consists of materials dating from the organization's parodical foundation as a Princeton-based student movement in 1936 through its eventual petering-out in 1937. The materials beyond the organization's cessation of activities deal with the Veterans of Future Wars' short but emphatic existence. The collection consists primarily of correspondence of the National Council members (all Princeton University undergraduates), the organization's nation-wide Posts, and its various auxiliary support groups. Also included are speeches and debates, press releases, poems, plays and songs written for the organization, photographs of both official and personal nature, and newspaper clippings.
Collection ID: AC010

U.S.S. Princeton [C.V.L.-23] Collection, 1941-1990

The U.S.S. Princeton [C.V.L.-23] Collection, located in the University Archives, contains research materials for the book, Carrier Down, by Marcia Clark in which the history of the U.S.S. Princeton is chronicled.
Collection ID: AC008

Willis M. Rivinus Papers on the Sally Frank case, 1979-1991

The Willis M. Rivinus Papers contain research materials gathered by Rivinus documenting the legal case of Sally Frank v. Ivy Club, University Cottage Club, Tiger Inn and Trustees of Princeton University formally begun in February 1979 and continuing to the present. These papers contain correspondence, draft manuscripts of and notes for an article on the Frank Case, copies of legal briefs and newspaper clippings relating to discrimination in general and the Frank case in particular.
Collection ID: AC009

Admiral Caspar Frederick Goodrich papers on the Princeton University Naval Training Unit, 1918-1920

Rear Admiral Casper Frederick Goodrich was the commander of the Naval Training Unit and the Pay Officers Material School established at Princeton University in 1917. The records consist of Goodrich's correspondence and program records pertaining to the administration of the Naval Training Unit at Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC069

Historical Audiovisual Collection, 1912-2012 (mostly 1945-1996)

This collection contains more than 2,300 items, including film, videotapes, compact discs, audio cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tape, and record albums and covers a broad range of topics including classical music, alumni reunions, lectures, and interviews.
Collection ID: AC047

Undergraduate Alumni Records, 1900-1920

Consists of personal files of former undergraduate students of Princeton University. Information in each file varies greatly but can include the names of relatives, notable achievements and news items, address updates, and obituaries.
Collection ID: AC104.03

Princeton University Doctoral Dissertations, 1877-2010 (mostly 1950-2010)

The dissertations represent doctoral work in over forty graduate departments. They date from 1877 to the present and they are arranged chronologically.
Collection ID: AC100

Master's Theses Collection, 1894-2010

Graduate work in a formal sense emerged at Princeton in the 1870s when President James McCosh added new faculty and graduate fellowships. This collection consists of theses submitted toward the fulfillment of requirements for master's degrees at Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC101

Senior Thesis Collection, 1926-2021

Since its introduction in the mid-1920s the senior thesis has been a core element of the undergraduate curriculum at Princeton University. The collection contains the senior theses of Princeton undergraduates.
Collection ID: AC102

University Land Records, 1752-1992 (mostly 1752-1860)

The University Land Records consist of deeds, mortgages, bonds, other legal papers, and maps concerning the acquisition, disposition, or description of University properties. The records document the physical expansion of the University from its earliest period through the acquisition of large tracts of land in the 20th century, including the properties around Carnegie Lake and numerous farms. A portion of the papers relate to research conducted by Professor Gerald Breese for his book Princeton University Land, 1752-1984 (1986).
Collection ID: AC028

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance Records, 1972-2007

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance (LGBA), is the social and political organization for lesbian, gay, and bisexual students at Princeton University. The LGBA is the successor to the Gay Alliance of Princeton (GAP), Gay Women of Princeton (GWOP), the Lesbian and Bisexual Task Force (LBTF), and Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Princeton (GALAP). The records contain material regarding the LGBA's programs and its publications, as well as subject files assembled by the LGBA's officers and staff.
Collection ID: AC037

Steve M. Slaby Papers, 1903-1990 (mostly 1950-1980)

Steve M. Slaby, professor of engineering at Princeton, 1953-1991, served as the second (and final) chair of the Graphics and Engineering Drawing Department, 1962-1968. Slaby was also one of the University's few political activists, opposing U.S. involvement in Vietnam and University investment in South Africa, and promoting student and faculty liberties.
Collection ID: AC027

Historical Postcard Collection, 1890-1960

The Historical Postcard Collection documents the buildings and environs of the Princeton University campus in the form of picture postcards. Featuring both monochrome and color postcards, the bulk of the collection ranges in date from 1900 through the 1960s. Both unmarked and canceled postcards exist in the collection. Several postcard makers are represented in these materials.
Collection ID: AC045

Autograph Book Collection, 1825-1884 (mostly 1848-1882)

This collection contains more than two hundred autograph books from 198 members of classes between 1825 and 1884. The books were used to collect not only the autographs of classmates, but also good wishes, bits of favorite verse, letters of farewell, or reminiscences of shared events during undergraduate years.
Collection ID: AC040

Arthur J. Horton Collection on Coeducation, 1968-1980

In January 1969, Princeton's trustees voted to make the undergraduate college coeducational, breaking the 224-year tradition of an all-male student body. The Patterson Committee, made up of faculty and administrators, had studied and advocated the change. The one dissenting voice on the committee was Arthur J. Horton '42, the university's director of development; he wrote a minority report and became a rallying point for those opposing the move. Horton's collection of materials on coeducation contains his annotated copy of the committee's report, his memoranda to the committee's chair and university administrators, official university releases and letters to alumni, and newspaper clippings regarding the change and campus issues in general. A quarter of the collection is letters from alumni, some welcoming coeducation but most strongly opposed.
Collection ID: AC039

Benjamin Franklin Bunn Papers, 1919-1963

The Benjamin Franklin Bunn Papers consist of financial, business and administrative records which Bunn maintained for many Princeton clubs and associations during his 50 years at Princeton University. The papers also contain correspondence with many Princeton and Phillips Exeter Academy classmates, Princeton administrators, and family members. The Triangle Club material contains letters from F. Scott Fitzgerald and notable members of stage and screen.
Collection ID: AC024

John D. Davies Collection on Hobey Baker, 1908-1997 (mostly 1908-1969)

The John D. Davies Collection on Hobey Baker, located in the University Archives, contains research materials gathered by Davies for the publication, The Legend of Hobey Baker (Little, Brown Company, 1966). These papers contain correspondence, research notes, manuscript drafts, photographs and printed material pertaining to Hobey A. H. Baker's career as an athlete at St. Paul's Preparatory School, at Princeton University, and as a member of the American Expeditionary Force during World War I. Baker died in an airplane crash in 1918.
Collection ID: AC005

"Old Nassau" Collection, 1859-1989

This collection contains early scores and lyrics to Princeton University's alma mater "Old Nassau" as well as information about the song and the men who created it.
Collection ID: AC051

Bullock Princeton Football collection, 1947-1963

Ralph Adams Bullock was a member of the Princeton University class of 1914 and a lifelong Princeton football fan. The Bullock Princeton Football collection consists of publications and clippings pertaining to Princeton University Football.
Collection ID: AC046

Athletic Programs Collection, 1870-2017

This collection contains printed athletic programs for football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey and other sports, with football predominant. The programs, especially the earlier ones, provide a sweeping view of Princeton's athletic history, documenting not only team statistics and scores, but the players, the venues in which the teams competed, social aspects of advertising, and the evolution of the various games.
Collection ID: AC042

Lecture Notes Collection, 1772-1990

This collection contains over 600 sets of student notes taken from lectures given by members of Princeton's faculty. They represent the broad range of courses taught at Princeton University (known as the College of New Jersey prior to 1896) and include the works of numerous famous faculty and students.
Collection ID: AC052

Special Committee on the Structure of the University Records, 1967-1970 (mostly 1968-1969)

The 1960s was a tumultuous decade in the history of the United States. Prominent on a landscape of political assassinations, civil rights, and the fight for gender equality was the prolonged conflict in Vietnam. Although discontent was growing against the war in Southeast Asia, the largest and most vocal expression against America's involvement was compellingly articulated on college campuses throughout the nation. Author Thomas Powers notes that the war in Vietnam was, for America, "one of those things that come along once in a generation and call entire societies into question, forcing people to choose between irreconcilables." One of those irreconcilables, for the Princeton community of students and faculty, was their exclusion from university decisions that involved everything from university parietals to Princeton's association with the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA). In response to student demonstrations and faculty protests, Princeton President Robert F. Goheen established the Committee on the Structure of the University to examine Princeton University's governance and explore how it could be more inclusive of the university community in making decisions. The Kelley Committee, as it came to be known, would be responsible for the introduction of perhaps the most sweeping administrative changes in the University's history and establishing the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC).
Collection ID: AC044

Department of History records, 1926-2017 (mostly 1926-1979)

From the time of the department's institution in 1924, history has typically been one of Princeton's most popular undergraduate concentrations, with the Department of History offering 40 or more undergraduate courses each year. The records consis of subject and faculty files, correspondence, departmental budgets, course syllabi, as well as records from several special projects.
Collection ID: AC049

Progressive Review Subject File, 1978-1993 (mostly 1989-1992)

This collection contains a compilation of material relating to student activism and the student publication the Progressive Review. The collection highlights the student body's campus and international awareness and documents the left-of-center perspective held by the Progressive Review and numerous students.
Collection ID: AC029

Keeper of Princetoniana Records, 1956-1981

Described by University President William G. Bowen as a "cross between a curator, a ringmaster, and a storyteller," Frederic Ewing Fox was the only man to ever occupy the office of Keeper of Princetoniana at Princeton University. The collection consists primarily of Fox's correspondence with alumni, faculty, and administrators during his tenure as Keeper of Princetoniana.
Collection ID: AC025

Roy Heath Class of 1954 Advisee Project Interviews, 1950-1979 (mostly 1950-1954)

Roy Heath was a member of the Princeton University class of 1939. He later served on the faculty as professor of psychology and was appointed director of a sweeping study of undergraduate education at Princeton, the results of which were published in The Reasonable Adventurer (1964). The collection comprises materials related to a study that Heath, a clinical psychologist, conducted on 36 members of the Class of 1954 during their years at Princeton.
Collection ID: AC004

Steward and Refectory Records, 1782-1869

The Steward and Refectory records relate to various expenses incurred by students while at Princeton. They are divided into two series. The first, refectory accounts, consists predominantly of lists of students and the amounts due from each for itemized expenses including room and board, tuition, library, servant wages, washing, damages and fuel. Other materials include bills, various accounts and reports, an inventory of furniture belonging to the kitchen in 1816, and bills, accounts and reports relating to the building of a new refectory in 1834-35. The second series consists of accounts, vouchers, correspondence, receipts and statements of expenses relating to the University Steward. The 1869 Steward's file consists of a list of local boarding houses and the owners, student residents and payments.
Collection ID: AC032

Society of the Claw Records, 1912-1940

The Society of the Claw Records describe the brief history of an organization created by the Class of 1894. Society members pledged to attend Princeton reunions annually, either for five-year periods or during their lifetimes. Members received a charm for their watch chains which included a genuine tiger claw to remind them of their pledge. The Society's principal long-term accomplishment was the proposal and subscription of the bronze stars placed on university dormitories in memory of World War I war dead.
Collection ID: AC036

Inspector's Records, 1793-1857

The Inspector's records consist of reports, receipts, vouchers, accounts and some correspondence concerning repairs to student rooms and other buildings. The receipts and vouchers are mainly from craftsman who conducted the repairs. Little information concerning individual students or their accounts can be found in these records. The position of Inspector was instituted in 1767 and apparently lasted until the mid-19th century at which time it merged into the Treasurer's Office.
Collection ID: AC031

Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1896-1969

The Princeton University Phi Beta Kappa Records consist of correspondence, reports, minutes, and other materials relating to the administration, membership, and finances of this organization.
Collection ID: AC034

Nassau Hall Bible Society Records, 1813-1877

The Nassau Hall Bible Society was a student religious organization at the College of New Jersey, active from 1813 through the 1840s and from 1864 through the 1880s. It distributed Bibles and New Testaments throughout New Jersey and across the country. These records contain minutes and financial records of the Society's work.
Collection ID: AC038

William K. Selden Collection on Eating Clubs, 1906-1994

The William K. Selden Collection on Eating Clubs contains research materials collected by Selden for the publication, Club Life at Princeton; An Historical Account of the Upper-Class Eating Clubs at Princeton University. Selden donated the material to the Archives in 1994.
Collection ID: AC030

Hikoichi Orita Diary, 1872-1876

This photocopied two-volume diary was written by Hikoichi Orita (1849-1920), a Japanese student, while he attended Princeton University between 1872 and 1876. Upon his graduation from Princeton, Orita returned to Japan and became a leading educational reformer. Orita made entries in English for each day of his time at Princeton, including accounts and bills paid, as well as memoranda written in Japanese. For the most part, the entries are brief, listing classes and recitations, visits to the chapel, letters from friends, the weather, and some personal notes such as visits with faculty and friends, illnesses and his loneliness. He also writes of travels to New York City, New Brunswick and New England.
Collection ID: AC033

Department of Grounds and Buildings Technical Correspondence Records, 1866-1988 (mostly 1930-1949)

The Technical Correspondence Records, created by the Department of Grounds and Buildings, contain detailed information relating to the construction, maintenance, renovation, and demolition of buildings, and to the grounds and architects of Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC035

Orange Key Guide Service Records, 1953-2009

Orange Key is a volunteer student organization that provides campus tours. The collection consists of records that document the activities of the Orange Key Guide Service, including tour routes, lists of tour guides, guide selection information, subject files, training materials, and procedure manuals, as well as a card index of buildings, inscriptions, sculptures, and other physical gifts donated to the University assembled by Orange Key Office as a reference for campus tour guides.
Collection ID: AC055

Course Examinations Collection, 1833-1998 (mostly 1871-1967)

The course examinations collection consists of examination questions administered to applicants, undergraduates, and graduate students at Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC054

Theatre Intime Records, 1919-2011

The collection contains records of the Princeton University student-run theatre organization and includes correspondence, clippings, photographs, playbills, posters, scripts, designs, and promotional materials.
Collection ID: AC022

Graduate Alumni Records, 1900-1929

The records consist of the academic files of former graduate students of Princeton University. The information contained in each file varies greatly but can include grades cards, Graduate School applications, a photograph of the student, letters of recommendation, as well as biographical information, lists of achievements, news clippings, and obituaries.
Collection ID: AC105.02

Historical Subject Files Collection, 1746-2019

The Historical Subject Files Collection documents Princeton University history and related topics from 1746 to the present. The collection consists of documents in almost every two-dimensional format: articles, books and booklets, clippings, correspondence, memoranda, non-photographic images, notes, pamphlets, posters, and reports.
Collection ID: AC109

Faculty and Professional Staff files, Subgroup 1: A, 1764-2014

Princeton University's Dean of the Faculty is the senior administrator responsible for the quality and well-being of the faculty and professional staff of the university. The collection consists of personnel files for nearly every individual at one time employed as a member of Princeton University's faculty or professional staff.
Collection ID: AC107.01

American Whig Society Records, 1785-1941

The American Whig Society (1769-1941) served as a major political, debating, and literary force both on the Princeton campus and throughout the nation. The Whig records consist primarily of minutes, financial records, and correspondence of members.
Collection ID: AC011

War Service Bureau Records, 1940-1949

The records of the War Service Bureau include a wide range of documentation for Princeton men who served in World War II. Materials include biographical, military and school-related information, as well as correspondence between the students and Princeton University staff, faculty and students, and subject files for the War Service Bureau office.
Collection ID: AC014

Princeton Alumni Publications, Inc. Editor's Records, 1895-1986

The PAW is successor to the Alumni Princetonian, a weekly publication of the Daily Princetonian. In 1919 the Princeton Printing Company dissolved and printing of the PAW was taken over by the Princeton University Press. The PAW was a weekly magazine during the school year until changing to its current bi-weekly format in 1977. The magazine is now published during the academic year for alumni and professional staff of the University.
Collection ID: AC013

General Manuscripts Collection, 1765-2016 (mostly 1836-2016)

The General Manuscripts Collection consists of manuscripts and small collections of papers and records which are related in some way to the history of Princeton University. While most documents in the General Manuscripts collection were produced by alumni or student organizations, there are several documents produced by trustees, faculty, and other members of the University community.
Collection ID: AC001

Andrew C. Imbrie Papers, 1895-1947

The Papers of Andrew C. Imbrie, Class of 1895, (1875-1965) provide information on his undergraduate years, his service as an alumni trustee from 1907 until 1912 (including a period as Financial Secretary of the Princeton University Board of Trustees (1909-1912) during which he had charge of reorganization of the business management of the University leading to the creation of what became the Office of the Controller) and his family's genealogy.
Collection ID: AC002

Princeton University Architectural Presentation Boards, 1929-2005 (mostly 1971-2001)

This collection contains presentation boards related to the design, construction, renovation and expansion of Princeton's grounds and buildings. In addition, the boards include those used for planning purposes, student housing strategies, insurance purposes and recording of features such as fallout shelters, and electrical feeders. The boards primarily include floorplans, artistic renderings, elevations and campus footprints.
Collection ID: AC062

Historical Photograph Collection, Student Photograph Albums, 1851-1995 (mostly 1860-1920)

The Student Photograph Albums Series of the Historical Photograph Collection (HPC) contains 180 photographic albums created by Princeton University students. These albums, along with the other photograph collections in the University Archives, help document the experiences of students, faculty, and staff at Princeton University. The albums date from 1851 to 1995, although the bulk date from the 1860s to the 1910s. New accessions are added regularly to the collection.
Collection ID: AC061

Special Committee on Sponsored Research Records, 1965-1972 (mostly 1970-1971)

The Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC) established the Special Committee on Sponsored Research (SCSR) in May 1970 to recommend policy regarding often conditional outside funding for research projects at the University. The committee was informally called the Kuhn Committee after its chairman, Professor Thomas S. Kuhn. The collection is comprised of materials collected and maintained by the chairman and his research assistant. Included are files intended for the committee's research purposes (Series 4 through 7), the chairman's personal committee files, a collection of reports and other committee output, and administrative documents and correspondence.
Collection ID: AC060

Annual Reports to the President, 1940-2015

The President of the University is charged with the general supervision of the interests of the University and with special oversight of the departments of instruction. This collection consists of the collected reports to the President prepared annually by each academic department and administrative office.
Collection ID: AC068

Historical Photograph Collection, Lake Carnegie Construction Photographs, 1905-1907

The Lake Carnegie Construction Photographs of the Historical Photograph Collection contains 479 dry gelatin glass plate negatives measuring 5 x 7 inches that document the construction of Lake Carnegie in Princeton, NJ. There are also 314 black and white paper prints developed at approximately the same time the glass plate negatives were made, 38 amateur photographs, and the 36 original glass plate negative boxes. The negatives and prints date from circa 1905 to 1907, with the bulk dating from 1905 to 1906. As a part of this project, funded in part by the New Jersey Historical Commission, archival contact prints (5 x 7 inches) of each negative have been created for research use and photo duplication. In addition to the glass plate negatives, original prints, and contact prints made from these negatives, there are 38 photographs taken from March through May 1905, early in the project, before any construction work had begun. These are amateur photographs, most likely taken with a Kodak Brownie camera. While many of these images are faded and soiled with fingerprints, many of the subjects are identified in writing on the border or verso of the image. There are also 7 amateur photographs and two photograph albums of unknown or uncertain provenance.
Collection ID: AC065

Princeton Music Collection, 1849-2009 (mostly 1894-1941)

This collection contains various songbooks printed for Princeton University including bound volumes and small booklets. Among the former is a nearly complete series of the Carmina Princetonia. There is also a second series dedicated to sheet music comprising various songs written for Princeton University, including many pieces written by alumni.
Collection ID: AC056

Department of Mathematics Oral History Project records, 1984-1985

Princeton University's Department of Mathematics, founded in 1904 under the chairmanship of Henry Burchard Fine, saw the development of a unique mathematical community in the 1930s that was unlike any other in America before that time and perhaps afterwards, and that had important consequences for American mathematics. The collection consists of written transcripts of 42 interviews with surviving faculty and students of the mathematics community in Princeton in the 1930s, as well as recordings of the interviews, microfilm of interview transcripts, background information on the project, and an archived website that was created in 1999 to provide online access to the interview transcripts and related information.
Collection ID: AC057

Princeton Cooperative School Program Records, 1958-1977 (mostly 1963-1966)

The records of the Princeton Cooperative School Program document the history of this summer program for disadvantaged youth held at and administered by Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC064

Chalmers W. Alexander Letters, 1928-1932

The Chalmers W. Alexander Letters contain correspondence from Chalmers Alexander (Princeton Class of 1932) to his mother during his attendance at Princeton University from 1928 to 1932. Approximately 500 letters were written during this time period; schedules, report cards, and church calendars are also included.
Collection ID: AC007

William K. Selden Collection on the History of Health Services at Princeton University, 1880-1991

The William K. Selden Collection on the History of Health Services at Princeton University contains research materials gathered by Selden for the publication, The Heritage of Isabella McCosh (Princeton University Press, 1991). The collections contains drafts, comments on the drafts, photographs, manuscript notes and photocopies of documents made by Selden for the book.
Collection ID: AC006

Lawrence Rauch Papers, 1932-1951

Lawrence Rauch was a Princeton University graduate student (Ph.D. Mathematics, 1949) and a pioneer in the field of radio telemetry. The bulk of the collection consists of letters written home by Rauch during his time as a graduate student at Princeton from 1941 to 1949, which document Princeton academics and student life as well as Rauch's work in radio telemetry, and include references to his defense work for the United States government.
Collection ID: AC393

Princeton University Presidents Oral History Collection, 2004-2009

The Princeton University Presidents Oral History Project consists of two projects undertaken by the Princeton University Archives in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary to document the recollections and reminiscences of Princeton University's 16th president and seventeenth Presidents Robert F. Goheen and William G. Bowen. Consists of taped interviews with former Princeton Presidents Robert F. Goheen William G. Bowen and accompanying transcripts, as well as a Goheen video retrospective titled 'Reflections of a President' produced for a 2006 Princeton University Library exhibit.
Collection ID: AC318

Alexander Leitch Princeton, Harvard, and Yale Scrapbooks Collection, 1925-1945

Alexander Leitch was a member of the Princeton Class of 1924 and an administrator at Princeton University for the entirety of his professional career, most notably holding the Office of the Secretary from 1933 to 1963. Consists of 55 oversized scrapbooks assembled by Alexander Leitch '24 during his career as a Princeton University administrator.
Collection ID: AC261

Princeton Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Records, 1948-1972

Princeton University's Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program was started in 1946 amidst a wave of enthusiasm for the ROTC that followed World War II. The collection consists of publications, bulletins, course materials, and manuals pertaining to the Navy ROTC program at Princeton.
Collection ID: AC209

Wright Family Papers, 1899-1939

The Wright Family Papers consist of correspondence received at Princeton University by Harry H. Wright, class of 1903, and his son Richard R. Wright, class of 1935, during their undergraduate years, as well as printed postcards and class directories, a songbook and Daily Princetonian style book. The Wright family owned a farm in Allentown, New Jersey, and the correspondence reflects family news, domestic and farm life at the turn of the twentieth century and again during the 1930s.
Collection ID: AC419

Grover Cleveland Collection, 1879-1984

Grover Cleveland was the twenty-second (1885-1889) and twenty-fourth (1893-1897) president of the United States. After leaving the White House he retired to Princeton, N.J where he was a Trustee of Princeton University. The Grover Cleveland Papers consist of collected research materials regarding Grover Cleveland, his life in Princeton, and his relation to the University.
Collection ID: AC348

Davis International Center Records, 1982-2017

The International Center at Princeton was founded in 1974 by a volunteer cohort of faculty, alumni, and community residents to welcome new international graduate students and visiting scholars to the University community. The collection documents the Center's programs and events, as well as international student associations and alumni groups.
Collection ID: AC344

College Republicans Records, 2004-2016

The Princeton University College Republicans are the official student group on campus of the National Republican Party. The College Republican Records consist primarily of photographs from College Republican events, campaigning, and social media.
Collection ID: AC441

C. Bernard Shea collection on Princeton University Athletics, 1869-1960

Christian Bernard Shea was a member of the Princeton Class of 1916 and an avid supporter of Princeton athletics. The collection consists of Princeton University athletics statistics and newspaper clippings compiled by C. Bernard Shea between approximately 1901 and 1960.
Collection ID: AC278

Arthur Eschenlauer Correspondence with Janet Copeland Eschenlauer, 1950-1956

Arthur C. Eschenlauer (1934- ), Class of 1956, was a history major and class valedictorian. The collection consists of correspondence from Eschenlauer to his girlfriend and future wife, Janet Copeland, during his time at Princeton.
Collection ID: AC346

Community House Records, 1968-2012

The Princeton University Community House is a student-led organization that was established in 1969 by seven undergraduate students to provide academic and social enrichment programming to black youth and adults living in low-income Princeton neighborhoods. The Community House Records document the origins and activities of the organization since its inception and through its first three decades.
Collection ID: AC416

Graduate School Centennial Records, 1998-2001

Following a scholarly tradition that originated with James Madison, who after commencement in 1771, remained for a year of extra study, Princeton's Graduate School was established officially by the Trustees in late 1900 and began its operations in the fall of 1901. Consists of materials that document the Graduate School's centennial celebration, including posters, banners, programs, and video tapes of the centennial lecture series.
Collection ID: AC252

Visiting Fellow and Incidental Student Records, 1915-1981

Princeton's Graduate School, established officially by the Trustees in late 1900, began its operations in the fall of 1901. These records consist of files of incidental students who earned less than a full semester's worth of credits, as well as the records of visiting fellows.
Collection ID: AC293

Historical Photograph Collection, Student Photographers Series, 1888-1891

The Student Photographers Series of the Historical Photograph Collection (HPC) contains photographs taken by Princeton University students in the late nineteenth century. These photographs comprise candid shots of fellow students, events, and images of the Princeton campus and town.
Collection ID: AC163

Archiving Student Activism at Princeton (ASAP) Collection, 2014-2016

The Princeton University Archives launched the Archiving Student Activism at Princeton (ASAP) initiative in December of 2015 to collect and preserve individual and organizational records created by Princeton students who engage in activism on a broad range of issues and perspectives, both on campus and off. The records in this collection document a range of political and social issues, including sexual assault, gender equality, immigration, refugee crises (Syria), racism and anti-racism.
Collection ID: AC437

Brandon D. Holt Collection of Oral History Interviews on Black Student Activism at Princeton, 2015

As part of his senior thesis Brandon D. Holt, Class of 2015, conducted a series of oral history interviews detailing black student activism. The collection consists of the transcripts from eight interviews with black alumni from the classes of 1969-1981.
Collection ID: AC426

Tyler Lussi Collection of Oral History Interviews on Coeducation and Athletics, 2017

Tyler Lussi is a member of the Princeton University undergraduate Class of 2017. For her senior thesis entitled "Exercising Their Equality: Coeducation and Athletics at Princeton University after 1969," Lussi conducted interviews with student athletes and coaches on their experience with coeducation. This collection contains transcripts of phone interviews and surveys facilitated by Tyler Lussi.
Collection ID: AC469

Graduate Alumni Public Files, 1921-1997

The Bureau of Alumni Records was established in January 1949 as an outgrowth of the records office maintained by the Graduate Council, the governing body of the Princeton University Alumni Association. The collection consists of public files of former graduate students of Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC478

Tom Reed Illustrations, 2000-2018

Tom Reed, a 1971 alumnus with a Master's degree in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School, is an administrator in the New York City Department of Health as well as a graphic designer and illustrator who has published several instructional works and children's books. The collection consists of computer graphics and illustrations created by Reed of Princeton-related subjects such as James Madison and Albert Einstein, as well as artwork for Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni reunions.
Collection ID: AC328

Consortium for Assistance to the University of Petroleum and Minerals records, 1972-1985

The Consortium for Assistance to the University of Petroleum and Minerals was organized in 1971 by Princeton University. The records consist of financial materials, reports, meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, and a copy of the Consortium agreement.
Collection ID: AC232

Cleveland Memorial Tower Visitor Logs collection, 1913-1954

Included as part of the final gothic design of Princeton's Graduate School was a 173-foot tower, a national memorial to former U.S. President Grover Cleveland who was also chairman of the trustees' graduate school committee. The collection consists of 11 log books signed by visitors to the Cleveland Memorial Tower.
Collection ID: AC303

Commission on the Future of the College Records, 1970-1973

The Commission on the Future of the College–known also as the Bressler Commission–was charged in October 1970 with assessing Princeton's undergraduate curriculum. The collection contains Professor Marvin Bressler's records as the chair of the Commission. The collection is comprised of internal and external correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and student surveys. Bressler was a member of the Department of Sociology at Princeton University from 1963 to 1993, and for twenty years served as its chairman.
Collection ID: AC186

¡Adelante Tigres! Latino Alumni Conference Collection, 1970-2010

The Alumni Association of Princeton University organized the conference ¡Adelante Tigres! Celebrating Latino Alumni at Princeton University in the spring of 2017. The conference brought more than 750 alumni and guests to campus to reflect on and engage with not only the memories of Latino alumni but also the current experiences of Latino students at Princeton. The ¡Adelante Tigres! Collection consists of photographs and other records that Princeton alumni created and maintained during their time as Princeton students. Documented in the collection are a range of student activities, including cultural performances (dance and music), activism, reunions, and graduation. These materials were collected as part of the conference of the same name organized by the Alumni Association.
Collection ID: AC455

Friends of the International Center Records, 1959-2001

The Friends of the International Center are a volunteer organization who serve the international community at Princeton University by offering English conversation programs to foreign graduate students and their families, as well as a host family program to ease cultural transition. Consists of the meeting minutes and correspondence of the Friends of the International Center.
Collection ID: AC212

Muslim Students Association Records, 2013-2016

The Muslim Students Association is a student organization at Princeton University dedicated to uniting the Muslim community at Princeton through a variety of year-round religious and social events. The association, which consists of both undergraduate and graduate students, was established in 1995 but has origins on campus as far back as the 1970s, at least. The Muslim Students Association records document the group's actitivities during the spring of 2016.
Collection ID: AC436

Quipfire! Records, 1992-1995

Quipfire! is Princeton University's first student improvisational comedy group. The records contain promotional material, performances and founding documents for Quipfire!
Collection ID: AC360

Ballet Folklórico de Princeton Records, 2006-2013

This collection includes images and videos from Ballet Folklórico de Princeton performances from 2006‐2013.
Collection ID: AC462

Princeton Inn Records, 1922-1970

Princeton Inn was conceived of by a group of University alumni and trustees in 1914 who recognized the need for a hotel to comfortably house the families of students and other visitors in close proximity to campus. Consists of the minute books of the Princeton Inn and a sample form book.
Collection ID: AC288

Princeton Women's Lacrosse Records, 1975-2010

Formed in the fall of 1972 under the direction of Coach Penny Hinckley, the Princeton Women's Lacrosse team was the first women's team at Princeton to reach an NCAA Final. The collection documents the history of the Princeton Women's Lacrosse team and contains a variety of records including clippings, statistics, schedules, practice notes, and a number of videorecordings of games. Also included are a limited amount of videorecordings, photographs and publications on women's field hockey.
Collection ID: AC415

Alan W. Richards Photographs of Princeton University Athletics, 1946-1970

Alan Windsor Richards was a freelance photographer known for the images he captured of people and events associated with Princeton University from the mid-1940s through the late 1960s. The collection consists of photographic negatives and a very few photographic prints of images captured by Richards of Princeton University athletes and sports events.
Collection ID: AC401

Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation Records, 2016-2019

The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation is a consortium of 13 academic libraries including Brown University, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Yale University. Key initiatives include the Borrow Direct Program and the IPLC Web Collecting Program. This collection includes administrative records kept by the Confederation for internal use, including charters, strategic plans, policy documentation, working group charges, program guides, annual reports, and minutes.
Collection ID: AC480

Gordon Alexander Craig Papers, 1946-1956

Gordon Alexander Craig was an American historian specializing in German and diplomatic history who taught at Princeton and Stanford. The Gordon Alexander Craig Papers document several projects the historian was involved with while a professor at Princeton including the Marine Corps History Project for which Craig served as chairman of the editorial board, and the Princeton response to the loyalty oath controversy at the University of California in 1950-1951.
Collection ID: AC353

Department of Classics Records, 1894-2017 (mostly 1894-1935)

The Department of Classics at Princeton University offers courses, both in English and in the original languages, that treat the whole range of ancient culture, from its mythology to its philosophy, law, and literature. Consists of the records of the Department of Classics from the late 19th and early 20th century.
Collection ID: AC225

Princeton Committee on Palestine Records, 2014-2016

The Princeton Committee on Palestine is an organization at Princeton University that stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people against injustice and in defense of human rights. The Princeton Committee on Palestine Records consists of materials related to the Princeton Divests campaign.
Collection ID: AC444

Queer Graduate Caucus (QGC) Records, 2015-2017

The Queer Graduate Caucus (QGC) is a Princeton University student organization that aims to support Princeton's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, and asexual (LGBTQA+) graduate community, including their partners or spouses. This collection contains the administrative records, such as the constitution and event planning, for the Queer Graduate Caucus (QGC).
Collection ID: AC468

Junior and Senior Orations Collection, 1835-1942

Consists of programs for orations given at commencement, oration contests held by the American Whig and Cliosophic Societies, and other orations given on campus. The programs generally contain the date of the orations, lists of participants, and the subjects to be covered.
Collection ID: AC160

Historical Photograph Collection: Slides series, 1899-1980

Consists of several hundred lantern slides containing images of Princeton University, primarily the campus and buildings.
Collection ID: AC378

Marcus Lester Aaron Correspondence, 1916-1923

Marcus Lester Aaron was a member of the Class of 1920, the president of the Homer Laughlin China Company, and a member of the Rodef Shalom Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Marcus Lester Aaron Correspondence collection primarily contains letters written from Aaron to his parents in Pittsburgh during his four years as an undergraduate at Princeton University from October 9, 1916 to June 9, 1920.
Collection ID: AC420

Latinx Collective Records, 2015

The Latinx Collective formed as an unofficial student organization in the fall of 2015 with the goal to support Latinx students on campus and encourage University administration to respond to the state of their lived and varied student experiences. The records include information about activism for the Princeton Latinx community, including meetings with administrators, town hall meetings, and proposal documents.
Collection ID: AC431