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Student Dances Collection, 1838-1936

Dances at Princeton, especially popular in the years prior to the Second World War, were generally held in the gymnasium and were organized by a committee of faculty and staff. This collection consists of materials documenting dances attended by the students of Princeton University in the late 19th and early 20th century.
Collection ID: AC282

Undergraduate Women's Leadership Committee Records, 2009-2011

The Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership at Princeton University was formed in order to gain a better understanding of how female and male Princeton undergraduates define and experience achievement and leadership. The Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership documents the group's work from 2009-2011 and includes reports, research materials and communications among committee members in both paper and electronic form.
Collection ID: AC418

Office of the Vice President for Campus Life Records, 1868-2015, bulk 2006/2017

The Office of the Vice President for Campus Life is an administrative office at Princeton University responsible for enriching the student experience for the University's undergraduate and graduate students. The Office of the Vice President for Campus Life Records contain internal emails, reports, minutes, spreadsheets, and other office files that document the activities of the office from its inception in the early 21st century and through its first decade and a half of existence.
Collection ID: AC427

John and Robb Carson Letters, 1903-1908

This collection contains the personal letters of John Renshaw Carson (1886-1940) and his twin brother Joseph Robb Carson (1886-1953) to their parents in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. The Carson letters provide a first hand account of life at Princeton University in the early twentieth century. The bulk of the letters were written when John and Robb were undergraduates at Princeton (Class of 1907). The letters of 1903 to 1904 contain the most detail about student life at the university.
Collection ID: AC017

Grover Cleveland Collection, 1879-1984

Grover Cleveland was the twenty-second (1885-1889) and twenty-fourth (1893-1897) president of the United States. After leaving the White House he retired to Princeton, N.J where he was a Trustee of Princeton University. The Grover Cleveland Papers consist of collected research materials regarding Grover Cleveland, his life in Princeton, and his relation to the University.
Collection ID: AC348

Princeton University Rowing Collection, 1874-2003

Princeton has participated in intercollegiate rowing contests since 1874. The collection consists of photographs, memorabilia, scrapbooks, programs, correspondence and posters documenting the history of the Princeton University rowing program.
Collection ID: AC223

Class of 1969 Community Service Fund Records, 1995-2009

The Class of 1969 Community Service Fund provides community service opportunities to Princeton students primarily through domestic and international internships. The records document the fund's internship programs and include applications for and evaluations of internships.
Collection ID: AC367

Harpur Allen Gosnell Papers, 1890-1937

Harpur Allen Gosnell was a member of the Princeton University Class of 1912 who went on to become an engineer and a member of the Naval Reserve. The Harpur Allen Gosnell Papers consist of various documents pertaining to Gosnell's ultimately unsuccessful efforts to initiate a Princeton University chapter of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps between 1927 and 1930. Also in the papers are several items of a more personal nature relating to Gosnell's childhood.
Collection ID: AC350

Muslim Students Association Records, 2013-2016

The Muslim Students Association is a student organization at Princeton University dedicated to uniting the Muslim community at Princeton through a variety of year-round religious and social events. The association, which consists of both undergraduate and graduate students, was established in 1995 but has origins on campus as far back as the 1970s, at least. The Muslim Students Association records document the group's actitivities during the spring of 2016.
Collection ID: AC436

Princeton University Women's Organization Records, 1973-1978

The Princeton University Women's Organization (PUWO) was formed in the winter of 1972 to provide a body through which the women of Princeton University community (employees and students) could monitor and discuss issues related to employment and student life. Consists of clippings, correspondence, reports, and studies pertaining to issues such as tenure, staff relations, and student recruitment.
Collection ID: AC172

Memorabilia Collection, 1775-2010, bulk 1866/1997

This collection contains over 1,800 items including mugs, pipes, canes, banners, hatbands, pins, jewelry, and other material collected by many individuals that document reunions, sporting events, student traditions, and other aspects of University life.
Collection ID: AC053

Sesquicentennial Celebration Records, 1887-1993, bulk 1894/1904

The collection consists of materials relating to the three-day Sesquicentennial Celebration in October 1896, at which the College of New Jersey became Princeton University. In addition to ephemera and printed material distributed at the celebration, the collection includes a typescript draft of President Francis Landey Patton's sermon, sesquicentennial memorial books, a published sketchbook, official congratulations from other institutions, and press releases and newspaper clippings reporting the events.
Collection ID: AC141

Autograph Book Collection, 1825-1884, bulk 1848/1882

This collection contains more than two hundred autograph books from 198 members of classes between 1825 and 1884. The books were used to collect not only the autographs of classmates, but also good wishes, bits of favorite verse, letters of farewell, or reminiscences of shared events during undergraduate years.
Collection ID: AC040

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson Project Editor's Records, 1943-1974

The Thomas Jefferson Papers Project was conceived of in 1943 by Princeton University history professor Julian P. Boyd, who was serving at the time as the historian of the Thomas Jefferson Bicentennial Commission. Contained in the records is correspondence with Princeton presidents Harold T. Dodds and Robert F. Goheen, who were active advisors in the early years of the project. Also included are financial records, including Boyd's original cost estimations for the project. Other materials consist of an initial project proposal, annual reports, directives on handling of materials, typography, and editing procedures, and some photographs.
Collection ID: AC218

Charles H. Schultz Collection, 1952-1958

Charles H. Schultz is a member of the Princeton Class of 1954. The collection consists of scripts, sides, photographs, reviews, programs, clippings, and miscellaneous material relating to the University Players, Theatre Intime, and the Triangle Club of Princeton during the years Schultz was a participant in these groups.
Collection ID: AC387

Department of African American Studies Records, 1969-2016

The Department of African American Studies at Princeton University is an academic department of Princeton University. The records consist of course proposals and descriptions, proposals for a post-doctoral program, and meeting minutes and correspondence of the interdepartmental committee as well as past versions of the department's website.
Collection ID: AC020

Food Services Managers Staff Meeting Minutes, 1963-1964

In 1954 the administration of Princeton University followed through on long-standing plans to create an official student center. The collection consists of one bound volume containing the detailed minutes of meetings of managerial staff of the Chancellor Green Student Center from 1963-1964.
Collection ID: AC314

Princeton University Federal Credit Union Records, 1970-1981

The Princeton University Federal Credit Union is a non-profit member-owned credit union open to employees of Princeton University and several other related organizations. Consists of the organizational records of the Princeton University Federal Credit Union including meeting minutes, financial audits, memos, policies, and committee reports.
Collection ID: AC250

Committee on Safety and Insurance records, 1945-1961

The Committee on Safety and Insurance was an administrative organization that dealt with occupational safety and insurance issues throughout University facilities and departments. The records consist of Commitee minutes, accident reports, insurance policies, general subject files, and correspondence.
Collection ID: AC145

Princeton University Architectural Presentation Boards, 1929-2005, bulk 1971/2001

This collection contains presentation boards related to the design, construction, renovation and expansion of Princeton's grounds and buildings. In addition, the boards include those used for planning purposes, student housing strategies, insurance purposes and recording of features such as fallout shelters, and electrical feeders. The boards primarily include floorplans, artistic renderings, elevations and campus footprints.
Collection ID: AC062

Tom Reed Illustrations, 2000-2018

Tom Reed, a 1971 alumnus with a Master's degree in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School, is an administrator in the New York City Department of Health as well as a graphic designer and illustrator who has published several instructional works and children's books. The collection consists of computer graphics and illustrations created by Reed of Princeton-related subjects such as James Madison and Albert Einstein, as well as artwork for Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni reunions.
Collection ID: AC328

Brooks Bowman Papers, 1914-1971

Brooks Bowman '36 is best remembered as the composer of the songs "East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)" and "Love and a Dime." The Brooks Bowman Papers consist of correspondence and photographs that document his school years and his foray into the music industry. The bulk of the papers consist of Bowman's correspondence with his mother, sister, and numerous friends.
Collection ID: AC165

Princeton University Jazz Ensemble Recordings, 2010-2017

The Princeton University Jazz Ensemble was a student-run jazz and swing band founded in the fall of 1974 by Gary Getz (Class of 1976) and Eva Lerner-Lam (Class of 1976). The Ensemble, whose first director was Mark Reboul (Class of 1977), formed independent of the University's Department of Music and remained so for much of its history. The Princeton University Jazz Ensemble Recordings contain primarily digitized audio recordings (raw and edited) of performances, web captures of the Ensemble's public wiki, and scant organizational records of the Ensemble from its inception in the mid-1970s to the early 1990s. Also included in the collection are digitized recordings dating back to the 1940s from other student jazz bands and individuals at Princeton, including Stan Rubin, Sons of Bix, Prospective Sound, and Princeton 8-Balls.
Collection ID: AC453

Committee on the Education of Women at Princeton Records, 1955-1969, bulk 1967/1969

The Committee on the Education of Women at Princeton Records contain the working papers and correspondence of Gardner Patterson, Committee Chair, and his assistants. In June 1967 the Board of Trustees charged the Committee with the study of "the advisability and feasibility" of enlarging the University's role in the education of women. The final report, "The Education of Women at Princeton," was submitted to the Trustees in July 1968. Adopting the recommendation of the Committee, they voted in favor of coeducation the following January and appointed an Ad-Hoc Committee to advise on how to implement their decision. The collection contains some papers Patterson received as a member of this Ad-Hoc Committee, and drafts of its final report, "The Education of Undergraduate Women at Princeton: An Examination of Coordinate Versus Coeducational Patterns."
Collection ID: AC184

Joseph Raycroft Papers, 1888-1953

Joseph Edward Raycroft was Princeton University's Chairman of the Department of Health and Physical Education. The Papers contain correspondence, writings, press-releases, reports, newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia documenting Raycroft's personal life and career. Also included are library catalog lists and other material related to Raycrofts Library of memorabilia
Collection ID: AC146

Historical Photograph Collection, Student Photograph Albums, 1851-1995, bulk 1860/1920

The Student Photograph Albums Series of the Historical Photograph Collection (HPC) contains 180 photographic albums created by Princeton University students. These albums, along with the other photograph collections in the University Archives, help document the experiences of students, faculty, and staff at Princeton University. The albums date from 1851 to 1995, although the bulk date from the 1860s to the 1910s. New accessions are added regularly to the collection.
Collection ID: AC061

Robertson Foundation Records, 1959-2009

The Robertson Foundation was established in 1961 to expand and support the graduate program of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Consists of materials from files of the Secretary of the Robertson Foundation, including Robertson Foundation Board of Trustees meeting minutes (1961-2009), Robertson Foundation chronological files (1959-2002), and miscellaneous Robertson Foundation Investment Committee materials (1961-1992).
Collection ID: AC357

Gifford Princeton Wrestling scrapbooks collection, 1934-1939

Eli "Giff" Gifford '37 (full name: Eli Garfield Gifford) was class president of the Princeton Class of 1937. He was an avid follower of Princeton wrestling, and his brother Joseph Tomlinson Gifford '39 was a varsity wrestler prior to his death in a car crash in his senior year. The collection consists of three scrapbooks containing clippings about the Princeton wrestling team.
Collection ID: AC300

Latinx Studies Independent Concentration Application Materials, 2016

Arlene B. Gamio Cuervo is an undergraduate student in the Princeton Class of 2018. This collection contains applications, support letters, and planning documents created and used by Arlene B. Gamio Cuervo '2018 during the spring semester of 2016 in their proposal for an independent concentration in Latinx Studies.
Collection ID: AC447

Jerome Karabel Papers, 1936-1999

Jerome Karabel is an American sociologist known for his research on university admissions policies. Consists of materials compiled by Jerome Karabel while researching for his 2005 book The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. The papers contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, and other documents.
Collection ID: AC327

Concerned Alumni of Princeton Records, 1970-1980

The Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) was a group of politically conservative former Princeton University students that existed between 1972 and 1986. The records consists of correspondence, by-laws, and publicity items related to the Concerned Alumni of Princeton organization.
Collection ID: AC305

Andrew C. Imbrie Papers, 1895-1947

The Papers of Andrew C. Imbrie, Class of 1895, (1875-1965) provide information on his undergraduate years, his service as an alumni trustee from 1907 until 1912 (including a period as Financial Secretary of the Princeton University Board of Trustees (1909-1912) during which he had charge of reorganization of the business management of the University leading to the creation of what became the Office of the Controller) and his family's genealogy.
Collection ID: AC002

Theatre Intime Records, 1919-2011

The collection contains records of the Princeton University student-run theatre organization and includes correspondence, clippings, photographs, playbills, posters, scripts, designs, and promotional materials.
Collection ID: AC022

William E. Potter Diary, 1859-1862

This diary was written by William E. Potter during his years at Harvard (law degree, 1861) and Princeton (B.A., 1863). For the most part the entries are daily with astute and observant comments on many of the public figures and events of this time. Among the more interesting entries are comments and descriptions of the Women's Rights Convention in Boston in 1860, the Massachusetts state prison; the election and inauguration of Abraham Lincoln; the surrender of Fort Sumter; the Battle of Bull Run; "pumping" (dunking) of Princeton students favoring secession; his religious awakening; and a final entry that reads simply "Enlisted."
Collection ID: AC323

Historical Photograph Collection, Campus Life Series, 1850-2015

The Campus Life series contains photographs documenting aspects of life as experienced by students, faculty, and staff at Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC112

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Records, 1972-2017, bulk 1972/1997

The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer is the administrative office at Princeton University responsible for overseeing the university's budget, procurement services, tax compliance, risk management, and other general, non-investment related fiduciary responsibilities. The records in this collection primarily document the activities of three consecutive administrators who held the position of vice president for finance, either solely or in combination with the roles of treasurer and vice president for administration: Paul B. Firstenberg (1972-1976), Carl W. Schafer (1976-1987), and Richard R. Spies (1988-2001). Also included are the records of Laurel B. Harvey, who served as assistant vice president for finance and administration under Schafer and Spies.
Collection ID: AC233

Women's Center Records, 1968-2017

The Princeton University Women's Center is a campus organization dedicated to providing a forum through which female students can voice their feelings and concerns about student life. The Women's Center also oversees the organization of programming and outreach activities which touch on a broad spectrum of women's issues. The records contain correspondence, subject files, and materials related to events and programs sponsored by the Women's Center.
Collection ID: AC248

Princeton University Student Christian Association Records, 1855-1967

The Student Christian Association and its predecessors were the dominant religious organizations at Princeton University for almost a hundred and fifty years. The Philadelphian Society, founded by a small group of students in 1825, was the quasi-official campus religious agency by the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1930 the Student-Faculty Association (SFA), organized by the Dean of the Chapel, took over the Society's programs, focusing on community service. In 1946 the Student Christian Association (SCA) replaced both the Society and the SFA, coordinating both religious and community service activities in campus. The Student Volunteers Council succeeded the SCA in 1967.
Collection ID: AC135

Arthur J. Horton Collection on Coeducation, 1968-1980

In January 1969, Princeton's trustees voted to make the undergraduate college coeducational, breaking the 224-year tradition of an all-male student body. The Patterson Committee, made up of faculty and administrators, had studied and advocated the change. The one dissenting voice on the committee was Arthur J. Horton '42, the university's director of development; he wrote a minority report and became a rallying point for those opposing the move. Horton's collection of materials on coeducation contains his annotated copy of the committee's report, his memoranda to the committee's chair and university administrators, official university releases and letters to alumni, and newspaper clippings regarding the change and campus issues in general. A quarter of the collection is letters from alumni, some welcoming coeducation but most strongly opposed.
Collection ID: AC039

Council on Urban Studies Records, 1970-1977

The Council on Urban Studies was formed in 1968 to confront "the numerous intellectual challenges posed by urbanization" and to foster and coordinate the teaching and research activities of the schools and departments at the University concerned with Urban Studies, such as the School of Architecture and the Woodrow Wilson School. The records include meeting minutes, correspondence, and a questionnaire circulated to undergraduates.
Collection ID: AC262

Department of History records, 1926-2017, bulk 1926/1979

From the time of the department's institution in 1924, history has typically been one of Princeton's most popular undergraduate concentrations, with the Department of History offering 40 or more undergraduate courses each year. The records consis of subject and faculty files, correspondence, departmental budgets, course syllabi, as well as records from several special projects.
Collection ID: AC049

Princeton Footnotes Records, 1961-2016, bulk 1961/1987

The Princeton Footnotes is an all-male a cappella group at Princeton University that was founded in 1959. The organization that became the Footnotes emerged as a dispute within the Glee Club, which resulted in twelve of the Club's members leaving the Club to form a separate group, the Prospectors. The Princeton Footnotes Records consists primarily of digitized recordings of former Footnotes albums released between 1961 and 1987.
Collection ID: AC449

Princeton University Doctoral Dissertations, 1877-2010, bulk 1950/2010

The dissertations represent doctoral work in over forty graduate departments. They date from 1877 to the present and they are arranged chronologically.
Collection ID: AC100

McCarter Theatre Records, 1922-2016

The McCarter Theatre was conceived as a permanent home for the Princeton University Triangle Club. McCarter began as a booking theater but ultimately moved into producing its own performances. The McCarter Theatre records document the history of the McCarter Theatre, including administration, performances and productions, and the building itself.
Collection ID: AC131

Department of Politics Records, 1921-2017, bulk 1921/1978

The Department of Politics at Princeton University is one of the University's largest academic departments, offering undergraduate and graduate courses touching on nearly every aspect of the discipline of political science. The Department of Politics records document the activities of the Department of Politics and its faculty from the time of its founding in 1924 until the mid-1960s, and contain correspondence, course syllabi and notes, examinations, and subject files.
Collection ID: AC166

William K. Selden Collection on the History of Health Services at Princeton University, 1880-1991

The William K. Selden Collection on the History of Health Services at Princeton University contains research materials gathered by Selden for the publication, The Heritage of Isabella McCosh (Princeton University Press, 1991). The collections contains drafts, comments on the drafts, photographs, manuscript notes and photocopies of documents made by Selden for the book.
Collection ID: AC006

Triangle Club Records, 1883-2016

The Triangle Club Records consists of records of the Club and its predecessor, the Princeton College Drama Association, for productions performed by these organizations from 1883 to the present. Materials include correspondence, playbills, scripts, scores, newspaper clippings, posters, scrapbooks, and photographs as well as audio-visual recordings.
Collection ID: AC122

Princeton University Diploma Collection, 1749-1998, bulk 1749/1926

Since its first class of six graduates and one honoree in 1748, Princeton University has awarded over 80,000 diplomas. This collection contains 213 original diplomas and photostats, including executed diplomas as well as blank, sample or spoiled diplomas.
Collection ID: AC138

Francis Catlin Collection on Princeton Bicentennial Celebration, 1944-1950

Francis Catlin was a member of the Princeton University Class of 1947. The collection contains materials distributed at the 1947 Bicentennial Convocation celebrating Princeton University's 200th anniversary.
Collection ID: AC452

Association of Latino Princeton Alumni Records, 1974-2017

The Association of Latino Princeton Alumni was formed in 1989 with the dual mission of supporting and enhancing the role and presence of Latinos at all levels within the University as well as forming a network of Latino alumni. The collection documents the origins and development of the Association of Latino Princeton Alumni and contains minutes, board documents, correspondence, campaign materials for a Latino Studies program, and the organization's public website.
Collection ID: AC227

Office of Athletic Communication Records, 1879-2002

The Office of Athletic Communications is the division of Princeton University's Department of Athletics which is responsible for publications, media relations, and other communications needs related to Princeton's intercollegiate sports teams and student athletes. The records contain game-day programs, media guides, press releases, statistics, photographs, and files on notable Princeton athletes.
Collection ID: AC206

Program in Continuing Education student records, 1974-2005

The Office of Community and Regional Affairs, formerly known as the Office of Community and State Affairs, acts as a liaison between Princeton University and county and local governments. The records consist of student files of the continuing education program.
Collection ID: AC221

Princeton Inn Records, 1922-1970

Princeton Inn was conceived of by a group of University alumni and trustees in 1914 who recognized the need for a hotel to comfortably house the families of students and other visitors in close proximity to campus. Consists of the minute books of the Princeton Inn and a sample form book.
Collection ID: AC288

Jonathan Belcher Collection, 1747-1967

Jonathan Belcher, was a merchant and colonial governor of the Provinces of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey and was instrumental in the founding of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton). The Jonathan Belcher Collection consists of collected research materials regarding Jonathan Belcher's relation to the history of Princeton University and consist of correspondence, articles, clippings, and copies of original materials from Belcher collections held at Princeton and elsewhere.
Collection ID: AC352

Princeton Student Aid Association records, 1866-1932

The Student Aid Association was formed in 1866 as the Princeton Charitable Institution by a group of trustees and faculty for the purpose of furnishing needy beneficiaries with the housing, textbooks, and other material items necessary for a collegiate education. The records contain the minutes, financial records, by-laws, and correspondence of the Princeton Student Aid Association and its predecessor, the Princeton Charitable Institution.
Collection ID: AC280

Non-Graduate Records, 1750-1920

An alphabetical card index of Princeton undergraduate students who attended the University for at least one year, but never graduated.
Collection ID: AC299

College Republicans Records, 2004-2016

The Princeton University College Republicans are the official student group on campus of the National Republican Party. The College Republican Records consist primarily of photographs from College Republican events, campaigning, and social media.
Collection ID: AC441

Pyne Honor Prize Records, 1930-1969

The Pyne Honor Prize, established in 1922 in honor of Moses Taylor Pyne '77, is the highest distinction conferred on an undergraduate student at Princeton University. The collection documents the annual awarding of the Pyne Honor Prize from 1939-1960. Within each year's file is correspondence, biographical and academic information about the recipients, and award statements.
Collection ID: AC251

Historical Photograph Collection, Student Photographers Series, 1888-1891

The Student Photographers Series of the Historical Photograph Collection (HPC) contains photographs taken by Princeton University students in the late nineteenth century. These photographs comprise candid shots of fellow students, events, and images of the Princeton campus and town.
Collection ID: AC163

Graduate Alumni Public Files, 1921-1997

The Bureau of Alumni Records was established in January 1949 as an outgrowth of the records office maintained by the Graduate Council, the governing body of the Princeton University Alumni Association. The collection consists of public files of former graduate students of Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC478

Federal Bureau of Investigation Conference papers, 1971

Formed in 1970, the Committee for Public Justice was an affiliate organization of the ACLU composed of writers, lawyers, educators and other parties who felt that the United States was entering a period of political repression. The collection consists of twelve papers on the FBI presented at a conference sponsored by the Committee for Public Justice and held at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in October 1971.
Collection ID: AC312

Frederick H. Osborn Papers, 1941-1963

The Papers of Frederick H. Osborn, Class of 1910, (1889-1981) cover some of Osborn's service to, and interest in, the University as a charter trustee from 1943-1955 and as a member of several advisory boards, including the Curriculum Committee and Psychology Department Council.
Collection ID: AC322

School of Architecture Records, 1935-2015

The School of Architecture, previously known as the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, is Princeton University's academic unit dedicated to the teaching and study of architecture and related topics. The records include subject files, correspondence, course descriptions, and other administrative materials, as well as records from the Bureau of Urban Research and its successor, the Research Center for Urban and Environmental Planning.
Collection ID: AC137

Copybook Collection, 1834-1837

The Copybook Collection brings together original materials from the university archives. Copybooks document individual students' work and interests; they may contain penmanship exercises, handwritten excerpts of poems, and/or literary translations.
Collection ID: AC338

Princeton Committee on Palestine Records, 2014-2016

The Princeton Committee on Palestine is an organization at Princeton University that stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people against injustice and in defense of human rights. The Princeton Committee on Palestine Records consists of materials related to the Princeton Divests campaign.
Collection ID: AC444

Association of Princeton Puerto Rican Alumni Records, 1980-1989

The Association of Princeton Puerto Rican Alumni or APPRA was formed in September 1982 to assist in increasing the recruitment and admissions of Puerto Rican students to the university, and to encourage a thriving Puerto Rican community on campus. This collection consists of paper and digital records including: financial records, bylaws, recruitment material, and correspondence.
Collection ID: AC461

English Dramatic Association of Princeton University Records, 1915

The English Dramatic Association of Princeton University was one of many student theater organizations operating on the Princeton University campus in the early 20th century. Consists of three posters advertising productions by the English Dramatic Association of Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC325

Marsha Rosenthal Course Materials and Student Activism Materials, 1968-1982

Marsha Rosenthal is a member of the Princeton Class of 1976. The Marsha Rosenthal Course Materials and Student Activism Materials collection documents her student life experience during her time as an undergraduate at Princeton. The collection reflects both her academic interests at the University as well as her organizational involvement.
Collection ID: AC409

Princeton Publishing Company Records, 1900-1919

The Princeton Publishing Company was incorporated in 1900 to oversee the printing of the Alumni Princetonian, a forebear to the Princeton Alumni Weekly. The records consists of materials which document the activities of the Princeton Publishing Company, largely relating to financial matters.
Collection ID: AC273

Pennington Satterthwaite Papers, 1882-1893

Pennington Satterthwaite was a graduate of Princeton University's Class of 1893 and an architect. The Pennington Satterthwaite Papers consists of various documents pertaining to Satterthwaite's early life up to and including his time as an undergraduate at Princeton University (then the College of New Jersey).
Collection ID: AC355

Antioch Excavation Financial Records, 1935-1938

Formed in 1932, the Committee for the Excavation of Antioch and its Vicinity was chaired by Princeton University's Charles Rufus Morey and included representatives from the Louvre, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Worcester Art Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, and Dumbarton Oaks. Consists of detailed expense vouchers from the second half of the excavation of Antioch.
Collection ID: AC260

Princeton AlumniCorps Records, 1962-2012, bulk 1989/2011

Princeton AlumniCorps is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that was created in 1989 by the Princeton Class of 1955. Originally named Princeton Project 55, Ralph Nader '55 and Charlie Bray '55 were instrumental in the group's founding and development. The Princeton AlumniCorps Records document the organization's first two decades of prominent initiatives intended to foster civic engagement and public interest amongst Princeton (college) alumni. Administrative documents, board correspondence, and planning materials for the respective initiatives comprise most of the collection.
Collection ID: AC414

Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs Records, 1924-2016, bulk 1971/1994

Princeton University's Vice President for Public Affairs has administrative oversight, under the President, of the presentation of the objectives and activities of the University to all its various publics, and serves as spokesperson for the University when needed. The records of the Vice President for Public Affairs consist of subject files assembled on topics relevant to the office's activities, as well as chronological files containing correspondence and interoffice memoranda.
Collection ID: AC217

University Players Collection, 1948-1961

The collection consists mainly of playbills, photographs, and clippings of press announcements and reviews of the University Players, a youthful group of Princetonians aspiring toward careers in the performing arts. Not entirely comprised of Princeton alumni and undergraduates, however, the organization provided experience and training for many hopefuls who have in fact succeeded in that goal. Taking its name from an earlier group with the same ambitions and who also made great contributions to American theatre and film, it provided the Princeton community with some exciting and meritorious summer theatre for more than a decade.
Collection ID: AC381

Benjamin Franklin Bunn Papers, 1919-1963

The Benjamin Franklin Bunn Papers consist of financial, business and administrative records which Bunn maintained for many Princeton clubs and associations during his 50 years at Princeton University. The papers also contain correspondence with many Princeton and Phillips Exeter Academy classmates, Princeton administrators, and family members. The Triangle Club material contains letters from F. Scott Fitzgerald and notable members of stage and screen.
Collection ID: AC024

Office of Development Communications Records, 1970-2017

The Office of Development Communications creates a wide range of publications and other materials to support Princeton's fund-raising initiatives and to keep alumni, parents, and friends closely connected and well-informed about the life of the University. Consists of photographs, promotional materials and VHS tapes created for fundraising activities and publications.
Collection ID: AC211

Princeton Playgoers, Inc. records, 1941-1942

Princeton Playgoers, Inc. was a theater production company formed in 1942, during the wartime period when the engagements of Triangle Club were limited. The records consist of financial records, correspondence, records of ticket sales, advertisements, contracts, and other materials documenting the planning and production of plays at McCarter Theatre in the summer of 1942.
Collection ID: AC315

Princeton University Commencement Records, 1748-2018

The Commencement Records contain programs, bulletins, announcements and newspaper clippings which document commencement activities from 1748 to the present. Files are arranged chronologically by year. In addition there are separate series consisting of bound programs, electrical broadcast transcriptions, bound commencement notices, oversize material, and audio recordings of various commencement, class day, and baccalaureate activities.
Collection ID: AC115

Edwin Mortimer Hopkins Papers, 1887-1894

Edwin Mortimer Hopkins was a member of the Princeton University class of 1888, earning an AB in English and completing his MA a year later. The collection documents the undergraduate and graduate career of Edwin Mortimer Hopkins at Princeton, and consists primarily of orations, poetry, and literary essays.
Collection ID: AC241

Design in America Conference Records, 1964

The Program in American Civilization at Princeton University, later known as the Program in American Studies, began in 1942 and is the University's oldest interdepartmental program of study. In the spring of 1964 the Program sponsored a three-day conference titled Design in America, in which research papers on architecture and city planning were presented by a number of scholars in the field. Consists of one bound volume containing the program schedule of the Design in America Conference, lists of those who participated, and a copy of each paper presented at the conference.
Collection ID: AC292

Office of the Recording Secretary Records, 1939-2010, bulk 1958/1984

Working in conjunction with the Office of Development, Princeton University's Office of the Recording Secretary receives and officially acknowledges gifts to Princeton on behalf of the president and the trustees of the University, and keeps donors informed as to the impact of their gifts. The files from the Office of the Recording Secretary consist of records of gifts donated to Princeton.
Collection ID: AC197

Princeton University Fund Records, 1877-1972, bulk 1938/1956

Though informal fundraising groups acting under the auspices of the Graduate Council had used the name since the 1920s, the Princeton University Fund as it came to be known was officially assembled in 1940 to provide a permanent organization dedicated to annual giving and other fundraising efforts. Consists of detailed committee minutes and correspondence of the Princeton University Fund. Also included in the collection are annual fundraising reports, promotional materials and clippings, and organizational charts.
Collection ID: AC201

Murray S. Peyton Collection of Princeton Track & Field Materials, 1876-2016, bulk 1950/2013

Murray S. Peyton ('57) was on the track and football teams while at Princeton and has collected material related to Princeton and Ivy League Track Field for over 50 years. The collection consists largely of track meet rosters, results, and program magazines.
Collection ID: AC460

Lawrence Rauch Papers, 1932-1951

Lawrence Rauch was a Princeton University graduate student (Ph.D. Mathematics, 1949) and a pioneer in the field of radio telemetry. The bulk of the collection consists of letters written home by Rauch during his time as a graduate student at Princeton from 1941 to 1949, which document Princeton academics and student life as well as Rauch's work in radio telemetry, and include references to his defense work for the United States government.
Collection ID: AC393

Henry Burling Thompson Papers, 1889-1913

The Papers of Henry Burling Thompson, Class of 1877, (1857-1935) consist of some 500 loose pieces of correspondence (much of it incoming letters), eight letterpress copy books, and one scrapbook of printed matter relating to the Princeton Endowment Fund campaign of 1919-1920. The loose letters are dated from 1906 through 1913, and all of them pertain to Princeton matters. The eight copy books contain copies of Thompson's outgoing correspondence in about 4500 pages, about 1200 of which deal with Princeton.
Collection ID: AC003

Princeton Mime Company Records, 1974-1989

Founded in 1974 by a philosophy student trained in mime and dance, the Princeton Mime Company has developed into a touring and teaching mime troupe. Consists of programs, flyers, reviews (largely from The Daily Princetonian), photographs, rehearsal schedules, and correspondence of the Princeton Mime Company.
Collection ID: AC174

Student Correspondence and Writings Collection, 1768-2020

The Student Correspondence and Writings Collection contains original materials from the university archives that document aspects of student life as experienced by students at Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC334

Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1896-1969

The Princeton University Phi Beta Kappa Records consist of correspondence, reports, minutes, and other materials relating to the administration, membership, and finances of this organization.
Collection ID: AC034

University Land Records, 1752-1992, bulk 1752/1860

The University Land Records consist of deeds, mortgages, bonds, other legal papers, and maps concerning the acquisition, disposition, or description of University properties. The records document the physical expansion of the University from its earliest period through the acquisition of large tracts of land in the 20th century, including the properties around Carnegie Lake and numerous farms. A portion of the papers relate to research conducted by Professor Gerald Breese for his book Princeton University Land, 1752-1984 (1986).
Collection ID: AC028

Princeton Shakespeare Company Records, 1994-2000

The Princeton Shakespeare Company was founded in 1994 by student Davis McCallum '97 and English professor Thomas P. Roche. Consists of clippings, photographs, flyers, press releases, and programs documenting the first years of the Princeton Shakespeare Company.
Collection ID: AC256

Office of the Vice President and Secretary Records, 1853-2017, bulk 1901/1985

This collection chronicles the administrative responsibilities and activities of the secretaries of the University. Included are correspondence, memoranda, and notes concerning committee activities. Also included are press releases, discussions pertaining to trustee matters, scholarship information, and biographical files on honorary degree recipients.
Collection ID: AC190

Lottery Records, 1749-1954, bulk 1749/1772

The collection consists of contemporary documents pertaining to five of the lotteries held in the eighteenth century to raise funds for the colonial College of New Jersey. Also included is some secondary source material about the lotteries.
Collection ID: AC192

Princeton Municipal Improvement, Inc. records, 1956-1957

Princeton Municipal Improvement, Inc. was a group comprised primarily of alumni investors, the mission of which was to maintain the preservation and beautification of the community surrounding the Princeton campus. The records document Princeton Municipal Improvement, Inc.'s Palmer Square development project.
Collection ID: AC277

President's Standing Committee on the Status of Women Records, 1989-2001

The President's Standing Committee on the Status of Women was established in 1989 by president Harold Shapiro. Consists of the records of the committee including correspondence, meeting minutes, memos, subject files, and the records of the seperate task forces that have operated under the auspices of the committee.
Collection ID: AC255

Program in Continuing Education records, 1970-1988

The Office of Community and Regional Affairs oversees a variety of programs geared towards strengthening ties between the University and the surrounding communities, including a continuing education program for area residents. The records contain advertisements, faculty committee minutes, fundraising reports, statistics on attendance, director's files, and scholarship applications.
Collection ID: AC275

Princeton Print Club Records, 1941-1953

The Princeton Print Club was founded in late 1940 by a group of students seeking to advance the appreciation of graphic arts among the campus community. The records consist of financial accounts, correspondence, and pamphlets which document the activities and membership of the Princeton Print Club.
Collection ID: AC267

Department of Art and Archaeology Records, 1882-2017, bulk 1925/1981

The Art and Archaeology Department is one of the University's most distinguished academic departments, responsible for the education of students on the graduate and undergraduate level as well as the administration of the Princeton Art Museum. This collection consists of the records of the Department of Art and Archaeology, which include advisory council minutes; faculty files; gift records; correspondence; recommendations; project files; course lists; historical documents; and lists of images used in classes.
Collection ID: AC140

University Research Board Records, 1925-1997

The University Research Board, which consists of six faculty members from different departments, is an advisory committee to the president on all research conducted at Princeton University. The collection consists of University Research Board meeting minutes, annual reports, correspondence between members, and some subject files, as well as the memos and correspondence of Raymond J. Woodrow, executive officer and secretary of the Committee on Project Research and Invention, predecessor to the University Research Board.
Collection ID: AC169

Harold R. Medina Papers regarding Service to Princeton University, 1942-1966

Harold R. Medina was a well-known judge and active Princeton alumnus. These records document Judge Harold Medina's role as a trustee of Princeton University, a member of the Graduate Council, and a member of the advisory council for modern languages and literatures.
Collection ID: AC392

Class Reunion Books Collection, 1867-2016

The collection consists of class yearbooks that are published to mark class reunions and to provide updates on the lives of alumni.
Collection ID: AC214