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Ballet Folklórico de Princeton Records, 2006-2013

This collection includes images and videos from Ballet Folklórico de Princeton performances from 2006‐2013.
Collection ID: AC462

Consortium for Assistance to the University of Petroleum and Minerals records, 1972-1985

The Consortium for Assistance to the University of Petroleum and Minerals was organized in 1971 by Princeton University. The records consist of financial materials, reports, meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, and a copy of the Consortium agreement.
Collection ID: AC232

Commission on the Future of the College Records, 1970-1973

The Commission on the Future of the College–known also as the Bressler Commission–was charged in October 1970 with assessing Princeton's undergraduate curriculum. The collection contains Professor Marvin Bressler's records as the chair of the Commission. The collection is comprised of internal and external correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and student surveys. Bressler was a member of the Department of Sociology at Princeton University from 1963 to 1993, and for twenty years served as its chairman.
Collection ID: AC186

¡Adelante Tigres! Latino Alumni Conference Collection, 1970-2010

The Alumni Association of Princeton University organized the conference ¡Adelante Tigres! Celebrating Latino Alumni at Princeton University in the spring of 2017. The conference brought more than 750 alumni and guests to campus to reflect on and engage with not only the memories of Latino alumni but also the current experiences of Latino students at Princeton. The ¡Adelante Tigres! Collection consists of photographs and other records that Princeton alumni created and maintained during their time as Princeton students. Documented in the collection are a range of student activities, including cultural performances (dance and music), activism, reunions, and graduation. These materials were collected as part of the conference of the same name organized by the Alumni Association.
Collection ID: AC455

Cleveland Memorial Tower Visitor Logs collection, 1913-1954

Included as part of the final gothic design of Princeton's Graduate School was a 173-foot tower, a national memorial to former U.S. President Grover Cleveland who was also chairman of the trustees' graduate school committee. The collection consists of 11 log books signed by visitors to the Cleveland Memorial Tower.
Collection ID: AC303

Friends of the International Center Records, 1959-2001

The Friends of the International Center are a volunteer organization who serve the international community at Princeton University by offering English conversation programs to foreign graduate students and their families, as well as a host family program to ease cultural transition. Consists of the meeting minutes and correspondence of the Friends of the International Center.
Collection ID: AC212

Muslim Students Association Records, 2013 - 2016

The Muslim Students Association is a student organization at Princeton University dedicated to uniting the Muslim community at Princeton through a variety of year-round religious and social events. The association, which consists of both undergraduate and graduate students, was established in 1995 but has origins on campus as far back as the 1970s, at least. The Muslim Students Association records document the group's actitivities during the spring of 2016.
Collection ID: AC436

Princeton Inn Records, 1922-1970

Princeton Inn was conceived of by a group of University alumni and trustees in 1914 who recognized the need for a hotel to comfortably house the families of students and other visitors in close proximity to campus. Consists of the minute books of the Princeton Inn and a sample form book.
Collection ID: AC288

Community House Records, 1968-2012

The Princeton University Community House is a student-led organization that was established in 1969 by seven undergraduate students to provide academic and social enrichment programming to black youth and adults living in low-income Princeton neighborhoods. The Community House Records document the origins and activities of the organization since its inception and through its first three decades.
Collection ID: AC416

Donald Worner Griffin Papers, 1924-1991

Donald Worner Griffin was a member of the Princeton class of 1923. Griffin was recognized frequently by University administration as being instrumental in revitalizing alumni ties in the years after World War II, as well as helping shape the modern state of Princeton alumni relations. Consists of the personal correspondence and clippings of Donald Worner Griffin.
Collection ID: AC242

Bureau of Student Placement records, 1940-1953

The Bureau of Student Placement was an administrative office at Princeton University that operated roughly from 1945 to 1953 and acted as a liaison between the various armed services and the Princeton University community. The records consist of army, navy, and marine corps plans for colleges, card files containing information about students in the service, and the correspondence of director Gordon G. Sikes which includes letters to and from servicemen, military officials, and other University administrators.
Collection ID: AC234

Princeton University Websites Collection, 2015-2018

The collection, assembled by staff of the University Archives, contains captures of public websites created and maintained by various units at Princeton University, primarily those serving administrative or academic functions. The collection does not contain exhaustive captures of all public websites, but rather captures those select websites whose provenance is not directly linked to an existing collection (e.g., Dean of the College, School of Engineering).
Collection ID: AC454

George R. Beach Princeton Football Scrapbooks Collection, 1924-1969

George R. Beach was a member of the Princeton University Class of 1926. Consists of bound scrapbooks assembled by George R. Beach documenting Princeton's football team.
Collection ID: AC287

Committee for the Bicentennial of Nassau Hall Records, 1953-1956 (mostly 1956)

The Nassau Hall Bicentennial Committee was established to plan the 200th anniversary of Nassau Hall over a two-day period beginning on September 22, 1956. The collection documents the activities of the Committee through correspondence, publications, news articles, and press releases.
Collection ID: AC191

Advisory Councils records, 1941-1942

Each of Princeton's advisory councils is comprised of alumni and other individuals who act in an advisory capacity to the various academic departments through meetings with departmental faculty, administration, and the Alumni Council. The records consist of correspondence and member lists of the inaugural Advisory Councils of various departments.
Collection ID: AC269

Princeton Hidden Minority Council Records, 2013-2016

The Princeton Hidden Minority Council (PHMC) is a student organization at Princeton University dedicated to supporting and advocating for students who are the first in their families to attend college or are from low income circumstances (FLI). The Princeton Hidden Minority Council Records document the development of the organization as well as its programs and campaigns.
Collection ID: AC435

Sikhs of Princeton Records, 2010-2015

The Sikhs of Princeton, a student organization established at Princeton University in the fall of 2009, exists to create a space on the University's campus that provides resources for Sikh students to express their faith as well as to spread awareness of Sikhism to the Princeton community. The Sikhs of Princeton Records consist of outreach materials as well as photographs and videos of events sponsored by Sikhs of Princeton. The collection also contains some records related to the student group Princeton Bhangra, which practices and performs bhangra, a South Asian folk dance.
Collection ID: AC433

Abigail Klionsky Oral History Collection on Jewish Student Life at Princeton, 1979-2014 (mostly 2013-2014)

Abigail Klionsky is a member of the Princeton University undergraduate Class of 2014 who undertook an oral history project on Jewish student life at Princeton as part of her senior thesis. The collection consists of fifteen transcripts of Klionsky's interviews with Jewish alumni and also includes a copy of a transcript of Henry Morgenthau III's interview with David Frisch in 1979.
Collection ID: AC424

Beer Jacket Designs collection, 1917-1979

Among Princeton University traditions, the Beer Jacket worn by graduating seniors stands as one of the most unique and most enduring. The collection consists of materials documenting the evolution of beer jacket designs throughout the greater part of the 20th century.
Collection ID: AC313

Princeton Alumni Weekly Oral History Project Records, 2012

The Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) initiated the project in 2012 for the Class of 1962's 50th reunion. The collection consists of interviews of eleven members of the Class of 1962 during their 50th reunion in May and June of 2012. The alumni converse about Princeton during their time on campus including its social life, academics and student activities.
Collection ID: AC413

Association of Latino Princeton Alumni Records, 1974-2017

The Association of Latino Princeton Alumni was formed in 1989 with the dual mission of supporting and enhancing the role and presence of Latinos at all levels within the University as well as forming a network of Latino alumni. The collection documents the origins and development of the Association of Latino Princeton Alumni and contains minutes, board documents, correspondence, campaign materials for a Latino Studies program, and the organization's public website.
Collection ID: AC227

Wright Family Papers, 1899-1939

The Wright Family Papers consist of correspondence received at Princeton University by Harry H. Wright, class of 1903, and his son Richard R. Wright, class of 1935, during their undergraduate years, as well as printed postcards and class directories, a songbook and Daily Princetonian style book. The Wright family owned a farm in Allentown, New Jersey, and the correspondence reflects family news, domestic and farm life at the turn of the twentieth century and again during the 1930s.
Collection ID: AC419

Princeton Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Records, 1948-1972

Princeton University's Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program was started in 1946 amidst a wave of enthusiasm for the ROTC that followed World War II. The collection consists of publications, bulletins, course materials, and manuals pertaining to the Navy ROTC program at Princeton.
Collection ID: AC209

Grover Cleveland Collection, 1879-1984

Grover Cleveland was the twenty-second (1885-1889) and twenty-fourth (1893-1897) president of the United States. After leaving the White House he retired to Princeton, N.J where he was a Trustee of Princeton University. The Grover Cleveland Papers consist of collected research materials regarding Grover Cleveland, his life in Princeton, and his relation to the University.
Collection ID: AC348

College Republicans Records, 2004-2016

The Princeton University College Republicans are the official student group on campus of the National Republican Party. The College Republican Records consist primarily of photographs from College Republican events, campaigning, and social media.
Collection ID: AC441

Robert Socolow's Time Capsule for Climate Change, Freshman Seminar Collection, 2017-2021

The FRS 151: Time Capsules for Climate Change course was a freshman seminar taught by Professor Robert Socolow. During the fall semester, freshmen thought about climate change and the impact on their futures. This collection consists of sealed folders for each class ontaining the term papers written by the students, reflections from the students and instructors, as well as a letter from Daniel J. Linke, University Archivist.
Collection ID: AC410

Charles E. Fehon Papers, circa 1947-1950

Consists primarily of original artwork created by Charles E. Fehon, Princeton Class of 1950, during the process of designing sets and costumes for Princeton theater groups including Theatre Intime, University Players, and the Triangle Club.
Collection ID: AC384

Nassau Hall War Memorial records, 1946-1950

In 1946 the University unveiled a memorial to those students who had been lost during the Second World War in Nassau Hall. The records document the planning and execution of the memorial including pictures, preliminary lists of honorees, correspondence with parents and campus groups, and programs from the memorial's unveiling ceremony.
Collection ID: AC274

Princeton Print Club Records, 1941-1953

The Princeton Print Club was founded in late 1940 by a group of students seeking to advance the appreciation of graphic arts among the campus community. The records consist of financial accounts, correspondence, and pamphlets which document the activities and membership of the Princeton Print Club.
Collection ID: AC267

New Jersey Board of University Extension Records, 1914-1916

The New Jersey Board of University Extension was proposed in 1915 by Princeton president John Grier Hibben to formulate a strategy for the coordination of the university extension programs of the various colleges in the New Jersey area. The records consist of organizational materials pertaining to the formation of the Board as well as plans and conference minutes. Also included are letters from conference invitees, indicating their intentions to attend.
Collection ID: AC298

Princeton Symposium on World Affairs Audio Recordings Collection, 1963

In July of 1963, Princeton University hosted the Princeton Symposium on World Affairs, the theme of which was "The Pursuit of Excellence in Creative Arts." The collection consists of reel-to-reel audio tapes of the panel discussions on architecture, painting, and prose.
Collection ID: AC238

Seminar on Research in Progress Papers, 1963-1971

Since its founding as part of the Department of History, Politics, and Economics in 1904, Princeton University's Department of Economics has acquired a worldwide reputation for research and scholarship, attracting faculty and students alike. he collection consists of papers produced by department faculty and doctoral candidates as part of the Department of Economics' Seminar on Research in Progress.
Collection ID: AC316

Design in America Conference Records, 1964

The Program in American Civilization at Princeton University, later known as the Program in American Studies, began in 1942 and is the University's oldest interdepartmental program of study. In the spring of 1964 the Program sponsored a three-day conference titled Design in America, in which research papers on architecture and city planning were presented by a number of scholars in the field. Consists of one bound volume containing the program schedule of the Design in America Conference, lists of those who participated, and a copy of each paper presented at the conference.
Collection ID: AC292

Federal Bureau of Investigation Conference papers, 1971

Formed in 1970, the Committee for Public Justice was an affiliate organization of the ACLU composed of writers, lawyers, educators and other parties who felt that the United States was entering a period of political repression. The collection consists of twelve papers on the FBI presented at a conference sponsored by the Committee for Public Justice and held at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in October 1971.
Collection ID: AC312

Princeton and Slavery Project Records, 2013-2017

The Princeton and Slavery Project Records include materials created and compiled by students in the Spring and Fall of 2013 in the course Princeton and Slavery, HIST 402, as well as materials from the Princeton and Slavery Project that emerged from the course--in particular, the Princeton and Slavery Project Symposium of November, 2017.
Collection ID: AC422

Graduate Alumni Records, 1839-2016

The records consist of the academic files of former graduate students of Princeton University. The information contained in each file varies greatly but can include grades cards, Graduate School applications, a photograph of the student, letters of recommendation, as well as biographical information, lists of achievements, news clippings, and obituaries. Please see "Other Finding Aids" under "Find More" for a list of the five finding aids to the Graduate Alumni Records, divided by time period.
Collection ID: AC105

Brooke Stoddard Collection on the University Press Club, 1935-2005

Brooke R. Stoddard, Class of 2005 is a member of the University Press Club (UPC), who wrote a senior thesis about the history of the UPC in 2005. The collection contains correspondence and interviews with Princeton UPC alumni that Stoddard used for his research, as well as copies of clippings and printed materials.
Collection ID: AC481

Princetoniana Collection, circa 1870-2009

Each volume or set of volumes in the Princetoniania Collection is represented in the Princeton University Library Main Catalog, which is searchable by title, author, or call number.
Collection ID: AC108

Atomic-bombed Roof Tiles from Hiroshima University, circa 1945-2012.

The Association of Hiroshima University for Sending Atomic-bombed Roof Tiles distributes the tiles in an effort to perpetuate awareness of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to oppose the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons. The collection includes seven atomic-bombed roof tiles; photographs of the location where the roof tiles were recovered; booklets and pamphlets on the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and information and correspondence from Hiroshima University.
Collection ID: AC408

Department of Sociology Records, 1962-2017

This collection consists of seven research reports written in the 1960s by faculty in the Department of Sociology.
Collection ID: AC380

Department of Public Safety Records, 2016-2019

The Department of Public Safety is the primary department at Princeton University charged with creating a safe and secure environment. This collection consists of the Department's website.
Collection ID: AC220

Holland Donan, Class of 1951, Papers, 1952-1994

Holland "Hollie" Donan, class of 1951, played defensive tackle for the Princeton Tigers from 1948-1950. Collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs relating to Donan's football career at Princeton and his 1984 induction into the National Football Hall of Fame.
Collection ID: AC390

Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies Records, 1981-2017 (mostly 1981-1992)

Princeton University's Program in Women's Studies was founded in 1981. The collection consists of articles related to women's issues from the Daily Princetonian and other local publications, as well as clippings on other subjects such as University investments in South Africa and the program's public website.
Collection ID: AC216

Senior Council Records, 1915-1926

The Senior Council was an undergraduate student government organization that existed at Princeton University from 1905 to 1927. The collection documents the activities of the Senior Council. Materials include correspondence, meeting minutes, pamphlets, and by-laws.
Collection ID: AC253

Student Dances Collection, 1838-1936

Dances at Princeton, especially popular in the years prior to the Second World War, were generally held in the gymnasium and were organized by a committee of faculty and staff. This collection consists of materials documenting dances attended by the students of Princeton University in the late 19th and early 20th century.
Collection ID: AC282

Department of Psychology Records, 1880-2017

The Department of Psychology dates from 1893, but was not officially established as an independent department until 1920. This collection includes group portraits and portraits of deparment faculty as well as some photos of individuals and locations that may not be Princeton-related.
Collection ID: AC397

Princeton Student Aid Association records, 1866-1932

The Student Aid Association was formed in 1866 as the Princeton Charitable Institution by a group of trustees and faculty for the purpose of furnishing needy beneficiaries with the housing, textbooks, and other material items necessary for a collegiate education. The records contain the minutes, financial records, by-laws, and correspondence of the Princeton Student Aid Association and its predecessor, the Princeton Charitable Institution.
Collection ID: AC280

Princeton University Broadsheets Collection, circa 1807-1983

This collection comprises broadsides, posters and similar single-sided oversize printed objects created by or for Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC375

Princeton in Africa Records, 2001-2016

Princeton in Africa (PiAf) is an independent affiliate of Princeton University that seeks to develop young leaders and advance Africa through humanitarian efforts. Collection consists of newsletters, bulletins, invitations to annual benefit, publications, news releases, promotional materials, and fundraising materials.
Collection ID: AC389

Marsha Rosenthal Course Materials and Student Activism Materials, circa 1968-1982

Marsha Rosenthal is a member of the Princeton Class of 1976. The Marsha Rosenthal Course Materials and Student Activism Materials collection documents her student life experience during her time as an undergraduate at Princeton. The collection reflects both her academic interests at the University as well as her organizational involvement.
Collection ID: AC409

Program in Continuing Education records, 1970-1988

The Office of Community and Regional Affairs oversees a variety of programs geared towards strengthening ties between the University and the surrounding communities, including a continuing education program for area residents. The records contain advertisements, faculty committee minutes, fundraising reports, statistics on attendance, director's files, and scholarship applications.
Collection ID: AC275

Lottery Records, 1749-1954 (mostly 1749-1772)

The collection consists of contemporary documents pertaining to five of the lotteries held in the eighteenth century to raise funds for the colonial College of New Jersey. Also included is some secondary source material about the lotteries.
Collection ID: AC192

Pennington Satterthwaite Papers, 1882-1893

Pennington Satterthwaite was a graduate of Princeton University's Class of 1893 and an architect. The Pennington Satterthwaite Papers consists of various documents pertaining to Satterthwaite's early life up to and including his time as an undergraduate at Princeton University (then the College of New Jersey).
Collection ID: AC355

Office of Career Services Records, 1943-1977

Originally established in 1912 as the Self-Help Bureau, the Office of Career Services is an organizational unit of the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life that provides career resources and programming for both undergraduate and graduate students. The records include three bound volumes of annual reports from the Princeton University Office of Career Services spanning the years 1943 to 1977. Topics covered include alumni appointments, work-study, study services and academic support.
Collection ID: AC421

Princeton University Archives Collection on Princeton Wrestling, 2017

This collection includes a video and a booklet produced by the Friends of Princeton Wrestling to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1966-1967 Ivy League Championship.
Collection ID: AC466

Princeton Peace Network Records, 2001-2006

The Princeton Peace Network (PPN) was a student organization that formed in September 2001. These records contain protest materials, flyers, news articles about the Iraq War, material used in the PPN's teach-ins, and their public website.
Collection ID: AC479

Princeton Mime Company Records, 1974-1989

Founded in 1974 by a philosophy student trained in mime and dance, the Princeton Mime Company has developed into a touring and teaching mime troupe. Consists of programs, flyers, reviews (largely from The Daily Princetonian), photographs, rehearsal schedules, and correspondence of the Princeton Mime Company.
Collection ID: AC174

Princeton University Players (PUP) Records, 1986-2013

Princeton University Players (PUP) was formed in 1986 as the only all student-run musical theatre organization on campus, with six productions each season. The Princeton University Players Records consists of programs and posters from 1986-2012, as well the script from their first production.
Collection ID: AC474

W. Beaumont Whitney Collection on A Princeton Companion, 1966-1978

W. Beaumont Whitney, II, President of the Princeton University Class of 1919, was instrumental in organizing the funding and sponsorship for Alexander Leitch's A Princeton Companion (1978). The collection consists mainly of Whitney's correspondence with potential donors, contributors, and with author Alexander Leitch.
Collection ID: AC173

Historical Photograph Collection: Digital Photographs Series, 1967-1981

The Historical Photograph Collection: Digital Photographs Series consists of digital images of Princeton University-related subjects. These may include digital facsimiles of physical photographs or born-digital images.
Collection ID: AC396

Princeton University Bulletin Correspondence, 1899-1901

The Princeton University Bulletin, a quarterly publication edited by the president and members of the faculty, was published from 1889 to 1904. The collection contains a single letterpress copybook of business correspondence.
Collection ID: AC377

Princeton Crusader Fellowship Records, 1912-1979

The Princeton Crusader Fellowship is a Christian reform organization founded by a group of Princeton students on Commencement Day in 1912. The records consist of member lists, constitutions, speeches, articles, newsletters, and correspondence of the Princeton Crusader Fellowship.
Collection ID: AC270

Council on Urban Studies Records, 1970-1977

The Council on Urban Studies was formed in 1968 to confront "the numerous intellectual challenges posed by urbanization" and to foster and coordinate the teaching and research activities of the schools and departments at the University concerned with Urban Studies, such as the School of Architecture and the Woodrow Wilson School. The records include meeting minutes, correspondence, and a questionnaire circulated to undergraduates.
Collection ID: AC262

Princeton Publishing Company Records, 1900-1919

The Princeton Publishing Company was incorporated in 1900 to oversee the printing of the Alumni Princetonian, a forebear to the Princeton Alumni Weekly. The records consists of materials which document the activities of the Princeton Publishing Company, largely relating to financial matters.
Collection ID: AC273

Edwin Mortimer Hopkins Papers, 1887-1894

Edwin Mortimer Hopkins was a member of the Princeton University class of 1888, earning an AB in English and completing his MA a year later. The collection documents the undergraduate and graduate career of Edwin Mortimer Hopkins at Princeton, and consists primarily of orations, poetry, and literary essays.
Collection ID: AC241

Organization of Women Leaders records, 2000-2001

The Organization of Women Leaders(OWL) is a student-founded, student-run non-profit organization at Princeton University dedicated to the discussion of issues affecting women on campus, in local communities, and worldwide. The records consist of organizational materials documenting the inaugural year of the Organization of Women Leaders.
Collection ID: AC229

Albert Mendeloff Papers on the Princeton Camera Club, 1937-1938

Albert I. Mendeloff was a member of the Princeton University class of 1938 and the undergraduate director of the Princeton Camera Club, a student organization devoted to photography. Consists of correspondence between Albert Mendelhoff and famous photographers of 1938 in regards to a potential exhibit of loaned photographs at the Art and Archaeology Department.
Collection ID: AC329

Philip Ober Papers, 1982-1983

Philip Ober was a member of the Princeton University Class of 1923. The papers contain color photographs of Ober, his wife, and Elizabeth Taylor; newspaper clippings describing Ober's work to free American prisoners in a Mexican jail; and obituaries and letters of condolences sent to his wife.
Collection ID: AC330

Jerome Karabel Papers, 1936-1999

Jerome Karabel is an American sociologist known for his research on university admissions policies. Consists of materials compiled by Jerome Karabel while researching for his 2005 book The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. The papers contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, and other documents.
Collection ID: AC327

Harold R. Medina Papers regarding Service to Princeton University, 1942-1966

Harold R. Medina was a well-known judge and active Princeton alumnus. These records document Judge Harold Medina's role as a trustee of Princeton University, a member of the Graduate Council, and a member of the advisory council for modern languages and literatures.
Collection ID: AC392

John Foster Dulles Collection, 1943-1974

John Foster Dulles (1888-1959), was a graduate of the Princeton Class of 1908 who served as Secretary of State of the United States for President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The John Foster Dulles Collection consists of a small group of materials documenting Dulles' connection to Princeton, including materials on his undergraduate career and the Dulles Library.
Collection ID: AC351

Princeton University Athletics Scrapbooks and Clippings Collection, circa 1914-1967, 1914-1967

Organized competitive athletics appeared on the Princeton campus in the 1850s and 1860s through the formation of intramural and intercollegiate athletics clubs which evolved over the ensuing century into the modern collegiate athletic system. The collection consists of scrapbooks and sets of clippings about sports and athletes at Princeton.
Collection ID: AC404

Antioch Excavation Financial Records, 1935-1938

Formed in 1932, the Committee for the Excavation of Antioch and its Vicinity was chaired by Princeton University's Charles Rufus Morey and included representatives from the Louvre, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Worcester Art Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, and Dumbarton Oaks. Consists of detailed expense vouchers from the second half of the excavation of Antioch.
Collection ID: AC260

Historic American Buildings Survey of the Princeton Branch Railroad and Station (Dinky), 2013

The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) is an initiative administered by the United States National Park Service through its Heritage Documentation Program. The Historic American Buildings Survey of the Princeton Branch Railroad and Station (Dinky) contains the agency's report and supporting photographs; digital copies of the documents and photographs can be found on one CD and one DVD.
Collection ID: AC417

James Penrose Harland papers, 1906-1969

James Penrose Harland was a graduate of the Princeton University Class of 1913. The collection consists of James Penrose Harland's diaries, as well as clippings, photographs, postcards, and some correspondence.
Collection ID: AC239

Black Arts Company Records, 1996-1999

The Black Arts Company was founded at Princeton in 1990 as a hip-hop dance company, with a mission to generate dialogue about the African diaspora through dance. The company also staged other types of performances, including drama and comedy, before it formally split into two separate organizations, BAC: Dance and BAC| Drama, in the mid 2000s. The dance company continues to perform and explore new styles of hip-hop. This collection includes video cassette recordings of Fall and Spring shows from 1996-1999.
Collection ID: AC459

Princeton Equality Project Records, 2015-2016

The Princeton Equality Project, founded in 2010, is an activist group focused on LGBT issues. The Princeton Equality Project records document the the group's activities during the 2015-2016 school year.
Collection ID: AC445

University Hotel Records, 1876-1886

The University Hotel existed at the corner of Railroad Avenue (today University Place) and Nassau Street from 1876-1887. Consists of three volumes of guest registers from the University Hotel.
Collection ID: AC324

Tiger Hockey Email Newsletters, 2007-2010

Tom and Ellen Crane are the parents of a Princeton Class of 2010 men's hockey player. The collection consists of email newsletters written by the Cranes for the families and fans of the Princeton men's hockey team.
Collection ID: AC359

William Woodhull Notebook, 1763-1850 (mostly 1763-1766)

This single notebook was for the most part written by William Woodhull (1741-1824), Class of 1764. The bulk of the book consists of recipes for medicinal prescriptions, catechisms, student orations and a poem. A good deal of the book appears to have been written during Woodhull's days at Princeton, but some of the recipes date to 1850, beyond Woodhull's death and so were entered by another unidentified individual.
Collection ID: AC321

Princeton History of New Jersey Series collection, 1929-1960

Thomas J. Wertenbaker was a professor of history at Princeton from 1910 to 1936, serving as department chairman from 1928-1936.
Collection ID: AC224

Council on Athletics Trophy Committee Records, 1929-1949

Following a fire that destroyed the University Gymnasium in 1944, a committee was formed by the Council of Athletics for the purpose of replacing as many of the athletic trophies of the University as possible. The collection consists of the records of the Council on Athletics Trophy Committee, including subject files containing photographs, drawings, purchase orders, and other general information about the trophies.
Collection ID: AC235

Pyne Honor Prize Records, 1930-1969

The Pyne Honor Prize, established in 1922 in honor of Moses Taylor Pyne '77, is the highest distinction conferred on an undergraduate student at Princeton University. The collection documents the annual awarding of the Pyne Honor Prize from 1939-1960. Within each year's file is correspondence, biographical and academic information about the recipients, and award statements.
Collection ID: AC251

China Famine Relief Fund Records, 1920-1921

The New Jersey State China Famine Relief Fund was a short-lived charitable organization based at Princeton University and staffed by administrators and students. The records consist of financial records, receipts for gifts made to the fund, announcements, staff lists, and correspondence with other organizations working towards famine relief in China.
Collection ID: AC272

Alexander Leitch Football notes collection, 1974-1975

Alexander Leitch was the Secretary of Princeton University from 1936 to 1966. The collection consists of extensive notes taken by Alexander Leitch as background for the "Football" entry of his encyclopedia A Princeton Companion
Collection ID: AC301

Gifford Princeton Wrestling scrapbooks collection, 1934-1939

Eli "Giff" Gifford '37 (full name: Eli Garfield Gifford) was class president of the Princeton Class of 1937. He was an avid follower of Princeton wrestling, and his brother Joseph Tomlinson Gifford '39 was a varsity wrestler prior to his death in a car crash in his senior year. The collection consists of three scrapbooks containing clippings about the Princeton wrestling team.
Collection ID: AC300

Administrative Planning Committee Records, 1968-1969

The Administrative Planning Committee was a group that advised the president of the University on matters pertaining to the allocation of campus space to offices, departments, and other groups, particularly in regards to soon to be completed campus building projects. Consists of the monthly meeting minutes and attendance lists of the Administrative Planning Committee for the year 1968-1969.
Collection ID: AC202

Princeton University Presidents Oral History Collection, 2004-2009

The Princeton University Presidents Oral History Project consists of two projects undertaken by the Princeton University Archives in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary to document the recollections and reminiscences of Princeton University's 16th president and seventeenth Presidents Robert F. Goheen and William G. Bowen. Consists of taped interviews with former Princeton Presidents Robert F. Goheen William G. Bowen and accompanying transcripts, as well as a Goheen video retrospective titled 'Reflections of a President' produced for a 2006 Princeton University Library exhibit.
Collection ID: AC318

Alexander Leitch Princeton, Harvard, and Yale Scrapbooks Collection, 1925-1945

Alexander Leitch was a member of the Princeton Class of 1924 and an administrator at Princeton University for the entirety of his professional career, most notably holding the Office of the Secretary from 1933 to 1963. Consists of 55 oversized scrapbooks assembled by Alexander Leitch '24 during his career as a Princeton University administrator.
Collection ID: AC261

Undergraduate Women's Leadership Committee Records, 2009-2011

The Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership at Princeton University was formed in order to gain a better understanding of how female and male Princeton undergraduates define and experience achievement and leadership. The Steering Committee on Undergraduate Women's Leadership documents the group's work from 2009-2011 and includes reports, research materials and communications among committee members in both paper and electronic form.
Collection ID: AC418

Graduate School Centennial Records, 1998-2001

Following a scholarly tradition that originated with James Madison, who after commencement in 1771, remained for a year of extra study, Princeton's Graduate School was established officially by the Trustees in late 1900 and began its operations in the fall of 1901. Consists of materials that document the Graduate School's centennial celebration, including posters, banners, programs, and video tapes of the centennial lecture series.
Collection ID: AC252

Visiting Fellow and Incidental Student Records, 1915-1981

Princeton's Graduate School, established officially by the Trustees in late 1900, began its operations in the fall of 1901. These records consist of files of incidental students who earned less than a full semester's worth of credits, as well as the records of visiting fellows.
Collection ID: AC293

C. Bernard Shea collection on Princeton University Athletics, 1869-1960

Christian Bernard Shea was a member of the Princeton Class of 1916 and an avid supporter of Princeton athletics. The collection consists of Princeton University athletics statistics and newspaper clippings compiled by C. Bernard Shea between approximately 1901 and 1960.
Collection ID: AC278

Tom Reed Illustrations, 2000-2022

Tom Reed, a 1971 alumnus with a Master's degree in Public Affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School, is an administrator in the New York City Department of Health as well as a graphic designer and illustrator who has published several instructional works and children's books. The collection consists of computer graphics and illustrations created by Reed of Princeton-related subjects such as James Madison and Albert Einstein, as well as artwork for Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni reunions.
Collection ID: AC328

Brandon D. Holt Collection of Oral History Interviews on Black Student Activism at Princeton, 2015

As part of his senior thesis Brandon D. Holt, Class of 2015, conducted a series of oral history interviews detailing black student activism. The collection consists of the transcripts from eight interviews with black alumni from the classes of 1969-1981.
Collection ID: AC426

Graduate Alumni Public Files, 1921-1997

The Bureau of Alumni Records was established in January 1949 as an outgrowth of the records office maintained by the Graduate Council, the governing body of the Princeton University Alumni Association. The collection consists of public files of former graduate students of Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC478

John Cleve Green Collection, 1866-1989

John Cleve Green was a Princeton-area businessman and investor who was a notable benefactor of Princeton College primarily during the administration of President James McCosh. The John Cleve Green Collection consists of research materials compiled regarding the life of John Cleve Green and his contributions to Princeton University.
Collection ID: AC354

Princeton University at Exposition Universelle Internationale Records, 1900

Princeton University mounted an exhibition booth including photographs and information about the school at the Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1900, a world's fair held in Paris, France between April and November 1900. The collection includes photographs, graphic charts, and wall labels used in the exhibition, as well as an official certificate awarded to Princeton University for its exhibition.
Collection ID: AC372

Princeton Shakespeare Company Records, 1994-2000

The Princeton Shakespeare Company was founded in 1994 by student Davis McCallum '97 and English professor Thomas P. Roche. Consists of clippings, photographs, flyers, press releases, and programs documenting the first years of the Princeton Shakespeare Company.
Collection ID: AC256

Latinx Studies Independent Concentration Application Materials, 2016

Arlene B. Gamio Cuervo is an undergraduate student in the Princeton Class of 2018. This collection contains applications, support letters, and planning documents created and used by Arlene B. Gamio Cuervo '2018 during the spring semester of 2016 in their proposal for an independent concentration in Latinx Studies.
Collection ID: AC447